The Anduril Short Sword


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For enthusiasts of exquisite craftsmanship and fantasy lore, the Anduril Short Sword offers an embodiment of both strength and beauty. This striking piece is not only a decorative treasure but a fully functional weapon, available in both sharpened and unsharpened versions to cater to collectors and practitioners alike.

The Anduril Short Sword boasts a formidable 5160 high-carbon steel blade, noted for its resilience and durability. Whether intended for display or the rigors of practical use, this premium material ensures longevity and steadfastness. At the heart of the blade, a fuller runs down the center, minimizing weight while maintaining structural integrity for handling ease.

Remarkable Aesthetics

A glance at the blade reveals an inscription in mystic elvish runes, calling to mind tales of heroism and adventure from ages past. This intricate etching not only adds to the visual allure but also weaves a narrative of enchantment. The swords aesthetic is further enhanced by a cruciform crossguard with elegantly fan-shaped tips, harmonizing with a fan-shaped pommel adorned with a tree design.

The black grip provides a stark and appealing contrast to the gleaming steel, offering a comfortable and secure hold for the wielder. This practical feature lends the sword a sense of readiness and purpose, indicating its worthiness in the hands of both the display enthusiast and the practitioner.

Noble Sheathing

Accompanying the Anduril Short Sword is a black leather scabbard, crafted to protect and showcase the blade. Its durable construction is complemented by a metal chape, fortifying the tip and completing the scabbards functional elegance. This keeps the sword snug and secure, whether it is worn, displayed, or stored.

In the realm of short swords, the Anduril Short Sword stands out as a masterpiece of form and function. It mirrors the majesty of its companion, the Anduril Tree Sword with Scabbard (#DS-1316), making it an impeccable choice for collectors or anyone who appreciates the fine blend of artistry and utility in weaponry.

Bring home the Anduril Short Sword, and wield or exhibit a piece of crafted history that resonates with the spirit of legendary tales and timeless valor.

Key Features:

  • Elvish Inscription: The blade is intricately etched with mystic elvish runes, adding a layer of enchantment and allure, captivating those with a love for fantasy lore.
  • Ergonomic Design: Featuring a black grip that contrasts beautifully with the steel blade, the sword offers both aesthetic appeal and a comfortable, secure hold for the wielder.
  • Dual Functionality: Available in both sharpened and unsharpened versions, the Anduril Short Sword caters to a broad audience, from collectors to martial arts enthusiasts.
  • Decorative Details: The cruciform crossguard and fan-shaped pommel with a tree design contribute to the swords majestic and noble aesthetic.
  • Elegant Sheathing: Comes with a durable black leather scabbard adorned with a metal chape, ensuring protection and enhancing display or wearability.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its solid construction, the fuller running down the blades center ensures it is lightweight and manageable, perfect for handling ease.


  • Blade is 5160 high-carbon steel
  • Grip is leather
  • Scabbard is leather


Overall LengthBlade LengthWeight
29.5 inches21 inches1 pound 14 ounces

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