Tai Chi Swords

Our tai chi swords category includes jian and wu jian swords, blade styles that originated in ancient China. These Chinese swords are known for their straight, double-edged blades that were intended for cutting, slashing, and even stabbing action. We carry tai chi swords that are decorative and tai chi swords that are functional, so no matter what you intend the sword for, you will find one here that suits your intended use. Many of our tai chi, jian, and gim swords, both decorative and functional, have ornate handles that add to their appeal. If you have interest in ancient Chinese weaponry, like to collect weapons, or simply enjoy this style of sword, our tai chi swords category is the place to shop!
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Bronze Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-106
Fierce are the warriors who defend the village near the mountain. The leader steps forward, brandishing his Bronze Tai Chi Sword as the mounted barbarians draw up, the harvest flattened beneath the hooves of their shaggy horses.

Chinese Short Sword with Wood Case

Item # NP-H-196
Enjoy the elegance of an ornately styled Chinese blade in minute detail when you display the Chinese Short Sword with Wood Case. Antique black and gold colored scrollwork decorates the hilt and scabbard of this decorative blade.

Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-118
Standing at the precipice, the fighter turns to face her adversary. She extends her arm, the Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword reflecting the morning light. She is calm, secure in the training that has led her to this moment.

Cornsilk Tassel Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-113
Holding the final pose of his tai chi form, the student faces his mentor. She gives a curt nod, presenting him with this Cornsilk Tassel Tai Chi Sword. He must continue his lessons until the ornate sword is an extension of his hand.

Kung Fu Jian Sword

Item # SD15030
For martial arts practitioners seeking a blade of excellent quality, the Kung Fu Jian Sword makes a great choice. Similar in flexibility to a wushu style but not quite as thin, the jian has a reinforcing ridge down the entire length.
$295.00 $275.00

Sparring Jian

Item # SH2493
In honor of ancient Chinese tradition, Scott Rodell has tasked the smiths at Hanwei Forge to create a practical training sword from the same materials as a functional one. This cooperative process resulted in the Sparring Jian!
$343.00 $311.00

Taotie Jian Longsword

Item # SD13790
The legend of the taotie remains deeply rooted in Chinese culture, going back to the Neolithic age and Shang and Zhou dynasties. The Taotie Jian Longsword uses the mythological gluttonous monster as a decorative motif.
$658.50 $520.00