If you are looking to buy a sword, then our swords category is a great place to start. We have further broken down this category into swords by name, swords by function, and swords by region to make it easier to find the right sword for you. We offer an incredible variety of swords, so it can be hard to know where to start. Our swords by name category breaks down different well-known styles of swords as well as swords made famous by specific factions, cultures, or persons. You will find everything from Excalibur and Crusader swords there to Viking swords, musketeer swords, and katana. Our swords by function category sorts swords into what they are best used for: decoration, function, or training purposes. Our swords by region divides swords by where their style historically originates from, whether that is Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. If you are shopping for a sword, you already know you are in the right place. Take a look through our many different sword categories, and you are sure to find a sword that works for you.

Swords by Name

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With a name like Buying a Sword, it will come as no surprise that we carry an impressive selection of swords on our site. The sheer number of functional and decorative swords can sometimes make it challenging to find the perfect one. To simplify your search for the sword of your dreams, we have categorized a large number of our historical swords according to name to help you narrow down the type of medieval sword you are hunting. Certain names refer to the model of sword, such as claymore swords, bastard swords, and longswords, while others name categories include various versions of a particular blade, like our Excalibur swords, Richard the Lionheart swords, and Charlemagne swords. All of our sword replicas display iconic looks from throughout the ages, ensuring that no matter what kind of period sword you are looking for you will be able to find stunning options to choose from!

Swords by Function

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If you know whether you want to use your next sword for combat, decorative purposes, or training, our Swords by Function category is a fine place to start your search. Here we break down all our swords by those uses, so it is easy to find the weapon that works best for your chosen purpose. Our functional swords are high quality weapons made for combat or utility. They are intended to be swung around and used like a real sword. Our decorative swords are wonderful display pieces and collectibles that add their style to home or office decor. They can also be worn at the side as costume swords, but they are not intended for demanding use. Our training swords are ideal for practicing your skills before you take a real sword in hand. Shop our Swords by Function category to find the sword that best fits your particular needs.

Swords by Region

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Shop swords by region at Buying a Sword. Explore the different bladed weapons used by cultures throughout the world when you browse through these sword categories. We carry swords with various historical origins. Here we have sorted the swords by whether their styles are of European, Asian, or Middle Eastern descent. We offer an incredible range of swords here, so be sure to check each category to see the different types of swords traditionally used in each region. In our European sword section, you may find everything from knightly and Crusader swords to Viking and musketeer swords. Our Asian and Oriental sword category includes Chinese dao, Japanese katana, and other famous bladed weapons. Our Middle Eastern sword section is home to scimitars and khopesh swords. Easily narrow in on the style of sword you need when you shop this category.