Sword Maintenance

There is more to owning a sword than just hacking through things, cleaning the blade, and hanging it up when it is not in use. And that is why Buying a Sword offers such a selection of sword maintenance and sword care products, so that whether you are a first time sword owner or an experienced wielder, you know where you can find all the products you need to keep your sword looking great and performing perfectly. Perfect for decorative and functional swords alike, the products in this section are designed to keep a sword safe from wear and tear, whether that is wear and tear from use, or just the environmental wear and tear that comes from everyday exposure and casual display. We offer a number of casual treatment products, ranging from wax to sword oil to rust-blocker spray, to use with swords both decorative and functional to help them resist the effects of wear, tear, and rust. We also offer a sharpeners and honing stones for use in keeping a functional sword edge working and sharp. And for those looking for something a bit more complete, we also offer full maintenance kits which will allow anyone to properly care for their sword or weapon of choice. Even a sword on display can start to rust after some time, so make sure that you look after your blades properly, with some of the fine sword maintenance products that we offer right here at Buying a Sword.
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SharpNEasy Knife and 2-Step Sharpener Combo

Item # BK-AS044C
When you are ready to cut or slice, consider using the SharpNEasy Knife and 2-Step Sharpener Combo for cutting and keeping your edges sharp. Overall, this knife and sharpener combo is great for anyone who owns and collects knives.

Sportsman 2 Stone Honing Set

Item # BK-RHP30286
For the experienced owner of knives and other functional blades, it is rather important to sharpen them as needed. Use the Sportsman 2 Stone Honing Set. This set is great for outdoorsmen, collectors, martial artists, and many others.

Sword Cleaning Kit

Item # MC-JL-600
If you are a dedicated practitioner of the art of the sword, you should make sure that your sword is kept in great shape with the Sword Cleaning Kit. Whether you use or just display swords, this sword kit is great to have on hand.

Sword Oil

Item # OH2110
CAS Hanwei Sword Oil is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection for high-carbon steel blades and other edged weapons. Sold individually. Contains Petroleum Distillates.

Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner

Item # BK-FZ81585
The Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner comes in a slim, black plastic bottle with spray pump and cap. This tactical cleaning spray removes fingerprints, oily and waxy residues, water spots, dirt, carbon, and other impurities.

Tri Hone Sharpening Kit

Item # BK-AC22
When you wish to have greater control over honing your blades, use the Tri Hone Sharpening Kit to sharpen your knives and other functional blades. This triple honing kit is wonderful for anyone who cares about sharpening their blades.

V Knife Sharpener

Item # MC-MT-SPN001BK
When you have a lot of knives and many other important blades, you should remember to keep them as sharp as possible by using the V Knife Sharpener. This sharpener is great for the historical reenactor or anyone who collects blades.

8 Inch Sharpening Stone

Item # ZS-212872-8
A simple project took longer than expected. The final cut did not go so smoothly. Your favorite knife is losing its cutting power. Keep your beloved knife and other handy tools ready for action with the 8 Inch Sharpening Stone.
$5.00 $4.00

6 Inch Sharpening Stone

Item # ZS-212872-6
Nothing makes a cutting task harder, or more time consuming and frustrating, than trying to muddle through with a dull knife. Keep your favorite knives and other multipurpose tools well maintained with the 6 Inch Sharpening Stone.
$4.00 $3.00