Sword Hangers

Ornate and showy blades are not in particular need of an equally flashy sword hanger, and so Buying a Sword offers a selection of more traditional and muted designs that are perfect for picking up almost any style of sword, allowing you to display it either horizontally or vertically to create the wall decoration that you want your sword to be. In spite of their otherwise unadorned style, though, many of these sword hangers are perfect when it comes to creating killer sword displays, as their simple design allows the sword to speak for itself in terms of detailing and overall appearance. Our sword hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they allow swords to be easily displayed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the style chosen. We offer hook hangers that are perfect for holding a sheathed blade while it rests on the wall, either along the hilt and the blade, or by its guard, just as we offer adjustable sword hangers in various designs to suit the style of your sword perfectly, whether its Japanese, Celtic, medieval, or even a bit more modern. Vertical hangers and hinged broadsword hangers round out the group, giving the sword-owner who visits this section more than a few options when it comes to picking out how they want to display their sword. And given that some feature different finishes, all of which look great, you can also pick the one that suits your sword the best, to better ensue that it stands out all the more. So for the collector who is looking to show off their latest and greatest sword, Buying a Sword has an array of affordable and appealing sword hangers, which give you nothing but options as far as a weapon display goes.
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Sheriff Badge Hanger

Item # OD31
These Sherriff Badge Hangers are sold as a pair and are meant to hang the sword by the hilt. Denix Sherriff Badge Hangers are great for using with understated swords and just when you want to give your display a little extra something.

Springfield Bullet Sword Hangers

Item # OD34
For a truly hardcore display, showcase your favorite decorative blade with the Springfield Bullet Sword Hangers. Sold in sets of two, these sword hangers are modeled after .30-06 bullet cartridges and feature an authentic brass tone.

Sword Hangers - Silver Finish

Item # OH2378
Our steel Katana hangers provide an economical and sturdy solution for displaying any Japanese-style sword on a wall. Supplied in pairs in either nickel plated (0H2378) or black powder-coated (OH2377) finish.

Sword Hangers with Black Finish

Item # OH2377
Our steel Katana hangers provide an economical and sturdy solution for displaying any Japanese-style sword on a wall. The Sword Hangers with Black Finish make a simple and elegant choice for displaying your weaponry.

Wall Mount for Samurai Style Swords

Item # OG017
Gladius sword hangers are an attractive means of wall-mounting a sword. While the mountings hold the sword securely, they allow the sword to be removed and replaced easily. The OG017 is for mounting Samurai-style swords.