Useful for hunting and battle, medieval spears were popular among peasants and nobles for their relative ease of use, light weight, and ability to attack targets at a distance. At Buying a Sword, we have both functional and decorative spears. Functional spears are formed from a long shaft and pointed head, and they can be thrusted or thrown depending on the design. In this category you will also find other similar pole weapons like scythes, javelins, assegai, corseques, fauchards, voluges, military forks, and glaives. We not only carry medieval spears, but we also offer a range of other historical pole arms of Roman origin. Some of our decorative historical spears are inspired by various media. We also offer a number of spear heads for attaching to your own shaft and creating your own DIY spear. Decorative spears are great as collectibles for weapons enthusiasts, reenactment props, ceremonial purposes, and even theater use. Our functional spears are ideal for reenactment. Take a moment to peruse our selection, and you can find a number of great spear options here.
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M48 Talon Survival Spear

Item # UC2961
Practical applications abound when it comes to this M48 Talon Survival Spear. Built for durability, this spear is made for rugged use, and it serves well as a walking staff, a survival tool, a weapon, or a camping accessory.

Magnum Spear with Sheath

Item # UC3137
The Magnum Spear with Sheath is a long spear featuring a sharp 2Cr13 cast stainless steel blade, perfect for all manner of jabbing and stabbing. This long-range weapon makes the perfect addition to any arsenal of battle-ready weapons.

Man at Arms European Boar Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MBOA
A spectacular replication of a Germanic hunting spear, the Man at Arms European Boar Spear by Cold Steel features the iconic styling of these weapons with its double edged blade and two short quillons that separate the blade from the shaft.
$145.27 $116.21

Man at Arms European Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MEP
Replicating the timeless style of spears which were used throughout history, both for hunting and war, the Man at Arms European Spear by Cold Steel is a spectacular weapon which allows you to experience a foundational tool of antiquity.
$101.14 $80.91

Man at Arms Lance Point Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MLP
A weapon favored by mounted warriors during the Middle Ages, the lance was known for its stopping power when used at a full gallop. The Man at Arms Lance Point Spear by Cold Steel is a functional replication of this medieval weapon.
$106.19 $84.95

Man at Arms Leaf Shape Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MSL
A weapon used throughout history for hunting and warfare, the spear has played a significant role in the shaping of our world. The Man at Arms Leaf Shape Spear by Cold Steel is a functional reproduction of a medieval era spear.
$96.10 $76.88

Man at Arms Wing Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MW
A variation of the classic design, winged spears improve the defense of the wielder and prevent the blade from penetrating too deep. The Man at Arms Wing Spear by Cold Steel is a battle ready version of this medieval era weapon.
$145.26 $116.21

Medium Bladed Spearhead

Item # XB0050
The Medium Bladed Spearhead was made especially for re-enactment use. The Medium Bladed Spearhead is crafted with a bulbous tip, 3 mm thick edges, and rounded flanges. No shaft is supplied.

Peltast Javelin Head

Item # 600038
The Peltasts, or light infantry of ancient Greece, were often armed with light javelins with throwing straps to increase power. The Peltast Javelin Head has been modeled for your use after these lighter, yet still deadly, spears.

Rattan Wrapped Yari

Item # SH2312
The yari was an essential weapon of the samurai in combat. Wield the Rattan Wrapped Yari against your enemies and declare victory. You can wield this yari at a historical reenactment. It is functional for the battlefield.

Ridged Leaf Spearhead

Item # HW-701115
Sometimes you want to create your own spear; use the Ridged Leaf Spearhead to make your own medieval weapon. This hand forged, steel spearhead is great for historical reenactments, DIY projects, or as a functional display piece.

Roman Square Pilum

Item # AH-3526N
The two weapons a Roman soldier would have been armed with were, more often than not, the gladius and the pilum. The type of pilum, or javelin, could vary from soldier to soldier, though, and some favored a typical Square Pilum.