Single Headed Axes

We carry a range of single headed axes here, including a variety of axes from different eras of history, different cultures, and for different uses. Whether you are seeking a Viking axe, a tomahawk, or a modern throwing axe, you will find it here. This category includes both decorative axes and functional axes, so you can find impressive display axes to hang in your home as well as functional axes that are ready to be used for reenactment or for rugged real world use. We carry a variety of bearded axes here as they would have appeared in different eras of history. We have Norse warrior axes as well as Frankish war axes, Danish axes, and other medieval European axe styles. You will also find modern day axes and tactical axes that are best suited for emergency situations, utility use, or preparing for a zombie apocalypse. If your weapon of choice is an axe, or you simply enjoy the features of one of our axes, why not browse through our entire selection of single headed axes?
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Forged Viking Axe Head

Item # HW-700888
Sometimes you need a replacement axe head for your functional weapon or one for display. The Forged Viking Axe Head is a great item for these needs. Add this axe head to your collection or use it to replace a damage Dane axe head.

Francesca Axe

Item # 601027
Short-range throwing weapons are nothing new. They were around even in the 8th Century in the form of the French throwing axe. With the Francesca Axe, you can place history in your hand and feel what combat was like over a millennium ago.

Francisca Axe

Item # XH2120N
The Francisca, so named for its Frankish origins, was used by the Vikings both as a throwing weapon and for close-quarters combat. Its graceful lines are legendary and both the point and edge were capable of penetrating chain mail.

Franziska Throwing Axe

Item # MY100827
The Franks and other Germanic cultures fought during the end of the Roman empire. They fought with throwing axes like this Franziska Throwing Axe. This stage fighting axe is great for controlled reenactments and theater productions.

Frontier Hawk by Cold Steel

Item # 07-90FH
Suitable for reenactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War clear up to the final settling of the West in the late 1800s. The authentic, good looking Frontier Hawk is one tough customer you are sure to appreciate.
$49.94 $39.95

Gotland Viking Axe

Item # DS-1752
Equipped with trusted axe and shield, the Viking warrior defeats a multitude of foes. Able to cut through flesh, the Norse axe proves its worth in countless situations. Observe its efficient design in the Gotland Viking Axe.

Gotthard Viking Axe

Item # MY100828
Chopping at some onstage enemies requires the right equipment. The Gotthard Viking Axe is ideal for fighting in a theatre or walking in a medieval village. You can use this functional axe at a historical reenactment.

Great Axe Head

Item # MH-W1105
Axes are incredibly versatile in their uses, ranging from everyday survival to surviving on the battlefield. The Great Axe Blade is a quality blade ready for you to attach to a pole of your choosing for the ultimate medieval weapon.

Half Moon Tomahawk

Item # 600909
This Tomahawk is a weapon that looks like it has come straight for the earliest days of America, before even the settlers arrived. The Half Moon Tomahawk is a weapon that features Native American styling.

Hamall Stage Fighting Axe

Item # MY100297
The traditionally styled Hamall Stage Fighting Axe features a tough steel blade, beard, and handle made of sturdy hardwood. Versatile, this axe is sure to be a staple in the arsenal of any axe or stage fighting enthusiast.

Hammer Hawk

Item # AH-3922
Some tomahawks are made for show and some are made for use. This traditional Hammer Hawk is one that is made for use, featuring a balance and construction that makes this tomahawk fun and easy to throw, either for fun or competition.

Heart Blade Tomahawk Axe

Item # NP-L-114
Looking for a replica pipe axe to display in your home or office? Be sure to take a look at the Heart Blade Tomahawk Axe. This axe makes a great Western-themed decor piece. You can also add it to any axe or Wild West collection.