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We carry way more than just swords at Buying a Sword. We also carry axes, halberds, spears, daggers, and flails, just to name a few. Shop our weapons by function to more easily browse through all our items. Here you can choose between decorative weapons, functional weapons, stage combat weapons, and training weapons. Each category is further broken down by filters for each weapon type, making it easy to find the precise sort of weapon you want. Decorative weapons are great for creating impressive displays. Functional weapons are useful for combat and historical reenactment, and our stage combat weapons are great for theatrical performances. Training weapons are for practicing or learning technique. We have medieval, Viking, Renaissance, Asian, and Middle Eastern weapons all included here, as well as all weapon types. Hone in on the exact weapon you need with our Shop Weapons By Function category.

Decorative Weapons

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Many different types of weapons have been used throughout the ages, giving you plenty of options when you are creating your historical weapons collection. At Buying a Sword, we carry a fantastic array of display weapons that are not intended for combat. Many of these collectible weapons can function as costume weapons for Renaissance fairs, re-enactments, weddings, and theatrical performances. These ornamental weapons can be shown off on a stand or in a display case in your home or office as a unique statement piece. Our inventory includes many decorative polearms like battle axes, halberds, maces, flails, spears, and war hammers. Additionally, we offer high quality decorative daggers. Crafted by top manufacturers like Denix, Marto, Art Gladius, and Deepeeka, these pieces appear in many different styles from various eras and cultures to ensure that you can find the right medieval weapon to suit your needs!

Functional Weapons

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Throughout the ages, many kinds of weapons have been used in combat aside from swords. When you want a functional weapon to use in your historical re-enactment or battle, be sure to check out the wealth of options available to you here at Buying a Sword. These battle ready weapons include functional daggers and functional polearms like war hammers, flails, spears, maces, halberds, and axes, giving you plenty of variety. These re-enactment weapons appear in many different styles, as well, such as medieval and Renaissance, Viking, and fantasy. Each of these historical weapons is crafted with attention to accuracy and quality to ensure that they look great while remaining hardy enough for use. Check out our range of medieval weapons to find the right kind to suit your needs!

Stage Combat Weapons

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When choosing your stage combat weapon, you need a tool that balances appearance, durability, and safety. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry a number of excellent stage combat swords from top manufacturers like Stage Steel and Darksword Armoury that are perfect for theatrical fighting and training. These functional swords have blunted blades to increase safety while showing off realistic appearances in a number of styles like short swords, Renaissance rapiers, broadswords, pirate cutlasses, Roman gladiuses, Scottish claymores, and Japanese katana. Several of our designs are crafted with Western Martial Arts training in mind, as well. Our theatrical swords are well crafted to ensure that they will withstand the rigors of combat, making them ideal for sparring and re-enactments. Browse our selection of stage fighting swords to find the perfect piece for your next performance!

Training Weapons

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Here you will find all of our training weapons. This includes all types of weapons and training weapons made of both synthetic materials and wood. Our synthetic training weapons are typically made of sturdy polypropylene and duplicate the appearance, weight, and feel of various historical weapons, providing a great practice experience as you hone your skills. Wooden practice weapons are also a great choice, and we carry many in a variety of historical styles. Shop here for synthetic samurai swords, polypropylene knight swords, and synthetic gladius swords as well as wooden Excalibur swords, wooden tanto, bamboo kendo swords, and bokken. If you have a need for a training weapon or weapon without a metal blade, this is the place to shop!