Roman Daggers

Two of the most common Roman dagger types are the pugio and the parazonium. Soldiers in the Roman armies were issued the long, thrusting dagger called a pugio, which was used for close combat, assassination, and suicide. Notably, when Julius Caesar was assassinated, the conspirators stabbed him with pugiones. Based on an Iberian blade, the parazonium dagger featured a long, triangular shape that was wide at the hilt and narrowed to a sharp point. The historical parazonium mainly served as a mark of rank, and the Roman deity Virtus is often depicted as carrying one. Here at Buying a Sword, we offer a range of Roman blades like gladiator daggers, legionnaire daggers, centurion daggers, and barbarian daggers. Our Roman pugiones include functional dagger and decorative dagger designs, ensuring that you can find the perfect option for your theatrical performance, weapons collection, and re-enactments.
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1st Century Pompeii Dagger

Item # AH-4232
Well known as the city destroyed by a volcanic eruption, Pompeii has fascinated people for centuries. This 1st Century Pompeii Dagger is designed after findings from these ancient ruins so you can add it to your Roman themed collection.

3rd Century Roman Pugio

Item # AH-3262
After a century of little use, the pugio dagger made a sweeping comeback in the early third century. Becoming the sidearm of choice for Roman officers, the 3rd Century Roman Pugio inspires a sense of nobility and mortality.

Basic Pugio Dagger

Item # AH-3264P
The pugio was a typical arm to be found at the side of virtually any Roman soldier, acting as a sort of badge of office, as well as a sidearm. This Basic Pugio Dagger is a variant of the pugio, appropriate for any unranked soldier.

Brass Finish Ornate Roman Dagger

Item # NP-H-73
Based on the pugio of the ancient Roman Legions, the Brass Finish Ornate Roman Dagger is an elegant take on the historical weapon. Brass tone details, scrollwork designs, and a gemstone at the pommel all contribute to its regality.
$33.50 $23.45

Embossed Pugio Dagger

Item # AH-3264E
The pugio was a typical arm to be found at the side of virtually any Roman soldier, acting as a badge of office and honor and a sidearm. This Embossed Pugio Dagger is an ornate dagger appropriate for any ranked officer or general.

Roman Dagger

Item # SD4101NQ
The Roman dagger, or Pugio, was a standard weapon carried by the Roman Legions. This replica by Denix of a museum piece illustrates the skill of the artisan and the taste of the Roman officer who wore the original.

Roman Legionnaire Dagger

Item # NP-H-9988
A regal take on the blade of a Roman soldier, the Roman Legionnaire Dagger is based on the ancient pugio dagger and is made ornate through antique gold coloring and intricate engravings throughout its hilt and matching sheath.

Roman Parazonium Dagger

Item # AH-3270
The Roman Parazonium Dagger was, as a symbol, often associated with and carried by Virtus, a lesser-known Roman god who presided over military strength - the very personification of virtue, valor, excellence, courage, and worth.

Roman Pugio Dagger

Item # 401392
The wood hilt of this Roman Pugio Dagger is paired with a fully tempered high carbon steel blade. It comes complete with a wood scabbard covered in leather with brass parts. It is based on remains in the British Museum.