Richard The Lionheart Swords

King Richard I of England, known most often by his epithet Richard the Lionheart, played a key role during the Third Crusade of the Middle Ages and left an enduring imprint on modern imagination surrounding the period. Despite his popularity as a historical figure, Richard the Lionheart also earned the name The Absent King due to spending only six months in England during his reign. Appearing in literary works such as Robin Hood folklore and Sir Walter Scotts Ivanhoe, Richard I continues to be a popular historical figure of the medieval times and pop culture. Buying a Sword allows you to commemorate this English king with a fantastic decorative sword inspired by his life and legend. These Richard the Lionheart swords display ornate appearances with gold and silver detailing, intricate engravings, sculpted handles, and other fine embellishments. These Richard I swords are perfect for putting on display in your home or office, and they can be used for re-enactments and stage props. These kingly swords are unbeatable options for collectors and weapons enthusiasts.
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Gold Hilt Richard the Lionheart Sword

Item # SG248
Son of Henry II and King of England, Richard I was known as a powerful king, a chivalrous knight, and a fearless warrior. He was called Coeur de Lion or Richard the Lionheart, and he is well known as the Crusader King.

Lionheart Sword

Item # SH2367
King Richard I was known lovingly as Richard the Lionheart for his bravery, chivalry, and prowess as a leader in battle. This Lionheart Sword is a tribute to the great Crusader King that is an ideal sword for your medieval reenactments.
$281.00 $245.00

Richard the Lionheart Sword

Item # NP-K-5522
Inspired by the sword of the legendary warrior king Richard I of England, the Richard the Lionheart Sword is an ornately decorated take on the royal weapon. A Lionheart coat of arms appears at the center of the silver tone guard.

Sword Of Richard Lionheart

Item # 501461
Richard the Lionheart was well-known for his connections to the Third Crusade. Honor this English ruler by wielding the Sword of Richard Lionheart. This elegant sword makes a fantastic display item, gift for a friend, or collectible.