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When you want to refine your skills as a swordsman, the Red Dragon Armoury brand at Buying a Sword makes the perfect place to start! Red Dragon Armoury produces excellent training weapons, many designed with WMA and HEMA practitioners in mind. These synthetic sparring swords come in a range of historical styles perfect for fighting re-enactments, the stage, and training sessions. In addition to pre-made practice swords, you will be able to find individual sword parts including pommels, blades, guards, and grips to help you make your own customized sparring weapon. These pieces can also be interchanged with parts of our standard nylon swords to personalize your practice weapon. These durable synthetic blades are crafted from high-impact polymers that can flex and absorb strikes, making them safer and less likely to break than wooden practice swords. Browse these excellent training swords to find the ideal one for your needs.
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Renaissance Sparring Messer

Item # PR9062
In the 14th to 16th centuries, the Messer was a popular sword in Germany. It is still used today in the practice of historic European martial arts. The Renaissance Sparring Messer will add an authentic touch to your sparring swords.

Silver Blade Sparring Messer

Item # PR9052
Historic European martial arts is a discipline that dates back to pre Renaissance times. The Silver Blade Sparring Messer sports a classic look that is perfect for your sparring practice, reenactment, or theatrical production.

Silver Longsword Blade

Item # PR1012
Designed for use with our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Longswords, this Silver Longsword Blade is an interchangeable blade that can be used with any of our Xtreme Sparring Longwords to create a custom sword that suits your preferences.

Silver Messer Blade

Item # PR1052
A vital element of fencing manuals for centuries, the Messer sword holds a significant place in the sparring world. The Silver Messer Blade allows you to create your own sparring Messer for practice, reenactment, or theatrical use.

Silver Single Hand And Basket Hilt Sword Blade

Item # PR1022
This Silver Single Hand and Basket Hilt Sword Blade is a part of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Swords line. As an interchangeable blade, it can be mixed and matched with other parts to create a custom sword that suits your preferences.

Sparring Cutlass

Item # PR9082
The cutlass is known best as the sword of a sailor or a pirate, its thick blade able to easily cut through heavy materials on the ship. This Sparring Cutlass is a great practice or combat weapon for times when a naval sidearm is key.

Sparring Falchion

Item # PR9072
The Falchion was an incredibly popular sword in medieval battle, as it combined the powerful force of an axe with the versatility of a sword. This Sparring Falchion is a great way to bring that sword into your martial arts practice.

Stage Combat Court Sword

Item # SR7007
Prepare to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies! Even in a world where slaying your foe is frowned upon, acting out such a battle in stage combat is just as satisfying! Feel that glorious rush with the Stage Combat Court Sword!

White and Black Sparring Bastard Sword

Item # PR9040
A great sparring sword has excellent balance, a durable construction, and the feel of a real sword. The White and Black Sparring Bastard Sword combines all of these with even more impressive features to create the ideal synthetic sword.

White Blade Sparring Falchion

Item # PR9070
Sparring swords are meant to closely resemble real swords, their weights and balances often intended to prepare the wielder for a steel blade. The White Blade Sparring Falchion has a look and feel similar to falchions of medieval times.

White Blade Sparring Messer

Item # PR9050
The Messer sword is a weapon with a significant place in fencing history, dating back to before the Renaissance. This White Blade Sparring Messer is a great way to safely practice Western martial arts with a lifelike Messer sword.

White Blade Two Handed Sparring Messer

Item # PR9060
The White Blade Two Handed Sparring Messer offers great utility and protection as a sparring weapon, its extended pommel enhancing your grip and a Nagel extension on the guard blocking opposing blades from touching your hand.