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A small hand axe made a good side-arm or secondary weapon for a medieval warrior, while a larger axe, like this Perrins Axe, is more suited as a primary weapon, allowing a warrior to easily cleave through his foes with remarkable efficiency and ease. There is no doubting that this axe would be quite the effective weapon, as it features a long haft to allow for a good, wide swing and a broad bit that would produce both significant impact and impressive cutting power. The axes blade is crafted from carbon steel and is relatively straight-forward in appearance, possessing a crescent-shaped edge that tapers to a point at the top and features a round cut-out at the bottom, creating a pair of curved points. The reversed side of the axe-head features a poll-spike, which adds to the function of the weapon, ensuring that a good reverse swing can hook opponents to drag them closer or penetrate their armor. The axe head is mounted on a hardwood haft that is reinforced with stylized steel plating along the upper half, while the butt of the axe features a brass cap and a spherical pommel-like decoration. With a length of 43 inches, this axe is larger than most, and a bit length of11 inches ensures that it has a cutting edge to match its impressive length. A skilled axe man might be able to wield Perrins Axe with one hand, but that would not do this weapon the justice it deserves. This axe is best served in a secure and sturdy two-handed grip, where it will assuredly be as deadly as it looks.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Possesses a Brass Butt-Cap Pommel
  • Axe Blade Features Decorative Notches and Cut-Outs


  • Axe Head is Crafted from Carbon Steel
  • Mounted on a Hardwood Haft


  • Overall Length: 50 Inches
  • Blade Edge: 11.25 Inches
  • Weight: 5 Pounds 9.4 Ounces

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