Based in Toledo, Spain, Marto crafts incredibly beautiful and reputable decorative weapons, including a number that have been featured in films like Highlander and Braveheart. Marto swords are true works of art, showing off gold detailing, etching, precious metal plating, sculpted guards, and other embellishments. These decorative swords, daggers, axes, maces, and polearms come in styles ranging from medieval to fantasy. Various pieces are inspired by historical figures like Charlemagne, Christopher Columbus, and William Wallace, while other draw upon fantasy series like Conan the Barbarian and the tales of King Arthur. Some of these high quality weapons replicas come with certificates of authenticity and display plaques, making them ideal for collectors. These ornamental weapons serve well as accent pieces in your home or office, adding historical flair to your decor. Medieval weapons enthusiasts are sure to find excellent pieces for display here in the Marto brand at Buying a Sword.
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Silver Templar Sword by Marto

Item # MA-584-1S
Established in 1118 to protect pilgrims and ensure custody of the Holy Land, the Templar Order is as well-known now as it was, then. This Silver Templar Sword, by Marto, is a replica of a sword that a Templar might have wielded.

Sir Lancelot Sword by Marto

Item # MA-538S
Few knights are as famous and infamous as Lancelot du Lac, also known as Lancelot of the Lake, one of King Arthurs greatest knights. Honoring this figure, both a great knight and a flawed man, is the Sir Lancelot Sword, by Marto.

Spanish Parade Halberd by Marto

Item # MA-8501S
The halberd has been a staple in medieval warfare for years. The combined functions of an axe and a spear make this a deadly armament. This particular halberd, the Spanish Parade Halberd, by Marto, is a reproduction of a 16th C. weapon.

Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier by Marto

Item # MA-577S
The Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier, by Marto, is a full-sized reproduction replica of the very well-known sword from the 16th century, valued and used through-out all of Europe during the advent of the rapier and the thrusting sword.

Special Edition Conan Father Sword by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN015S
The vastly skilled sword masters from Marto have made this faithful and exclusive reproduction of the fantastic Special Edition of the Fathers Sword, the very sword with which Conan the Barbarian learned basic combat skills.

Sword of Christopher Columbus by Marto

Item # MA-546S
The Sword of Christopher Columbus by Marto is a tribute to the great explorer himself. It is a decorative reproduction based upon swords that were used by the officers of the fleet at that time.

Sword of Conan the Barbarian by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN013S
Thanks to the highly skilled sword-makers in Toledo, Spain, the world has a whole new way to celebrate Conan the Barbarian, with the Sword of Conan the Barbarian, a fantastic replica made without losing any of the details.

Sword of Emperor Charlemagne by Marto

Item # MA-503S
The Sword of Emperor Charlemagne, by Marto, is a replica of one of the most well-known swords in the world, the traditional coronation sword of France, once attributed to the great Emperor Charlemagne.

Sword of Roland by Marto

Item # MA-564S
Durandal was the sword of Roland (aka Roldan), the paladin of Charlemagne. Stories say that it once belonged to Hector of Troy. The Sword of Roland, by Marto, is a replica of the Durandal as it is perceived today.

Sword of the Apocalypse Riders by Marto

Item # MA-603S
Few apocalyptic figures are as well-known as the Four Horsemen. These figures herald the end of the world. The Sword of the Apocalypse Riders, by Marto, depicts the four horsemen on their deathly ride across the mortal realm.

Viking Sword by Marto

Item # MA-520S
What the Vikings lacked in appearance, they more than made up for in quality and function. An example of this would be their weapons. Take, for example, the Viking Sword, by Marto - simple, rugged, undecorated, but wickedly effective.

War Axe by Marto

Item # MA-8632S
Axes were a common weapon during the Medieval Ages, primarily because an axe could be easily made. It required less ore then a sword. However, the ease of creation did not make an axe less effective. The War Axe, by Marto, proves this.