Historical maces served as some of the most common weapons throughout the ages with their simple construction and ease of use. At Buying a Sword, we have both decorative and functional maces. Our ornamental maces, with their wicked spikes and flanges, make excellent additions to any decor as well as theatrical props and costume weapons for events like Renaissance fairs. Collectible maces are unique additions to weapon sets or medieval displays. Our combat maces vary in size and are crafted from high quality steel, iron, and wood. We offer a variety of battle ready bludgeons, spiked clubs, morning stars, and flanged maces here. These medieval weapons are ideal for reenactments. Shop all our functional and decorative maces here, in many styles inspired by history and different cultures of Europe.
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Gothic Flanged Mace

Item # 07-90MFLM
An eye-catching historical weapon for the modern man at arms, the Gothic Flanged Mace provides a contemporary interpretation of the classic gothic bludgeon. The high carbon steel mace is the perfect weapon to oppose armoured foes.
$185.00 $148.00

Gothic Parade Mace

Item # 600920
This historic weapon is something of a two for one, in that it is wicked mace that conceals a deadly secret. The Gothic Parade Mace is a sleek weapon that hides a secondary dagger, making this bludgeon a true double threat.

Gunstock War Club by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92PGS
The Gunstock War Club is modeled after Native American war clubs traditionally fashioned out of straight grain hardwoods. This modern recreation by Cold Steel is made of sleek, black, virtually indestructible polypropylene.
$53.00 $42.40

Indian War Club by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92PBH
Inspired by the weapons used by ancient cultures, the Indian War Club is made of modern materials for a devastating impact, while its surface has a realistic wood grain finish in homage to its carved hardwood origins.
$53.00 $42.40

Mace of Azog the Defiler

Item # UC3015
This vile mace was thought to have been destroyed in a great battle between orcs and dwarves, but it was not. The Mace of Azog the Defiler lived on, as did its wielder, and now they come forth to hunt the hated dwarf company.

Morning Star

Item # ME-0049
A widely popular weapon amongst professional soldiers and militia men alike throughout the medieval period, the Morning Star is a melee weapon that is similar to a mace and features a spiked head attached to a wooden handle.

Polish Mace

Item # 07-90MPM
Inspired by historical weapons, the Polish Mace offers minimalist style with maximum functionality. The functional mace features a thickly walled, hollow handle ending in a ridged steel bulb-shaped head topped by a brass finial.
$140.00 $112.00

Silver Spiked Morningstar

Item # ZS-901146-SL
It is a knights solemn duty to defend the kingdom and its people, and sometimes a sword just will not cut it. Trounce your enemy and crush their armour like a tin can with a knightly weapon such as this Silver Spiked Morningstar!
$39.00 $35.10

Spiked Mace

Item # ZS-926795
This spiked mace is a great weapon for any medieval reenactments or historically themed events. The spiked mace has an overall length of 23 inches with a heavy hardwood handle that has a diameter of 1.75 inches at the top.
$23.90 $21.51