Historical maces served as some of the most common weapons throughout the ages with their simple construction and ease of use. At Buying a Sword, we have both decorative and functional maces. Our ornamental maces, with their wicked spikes and flanges, make excellent additions to any decor as well as theatrical props and costume weapons for events like Renaissance fairs. Collectible maces are unique additions to weapon sets or medieval displays. Our combat maces vary in size and are crafted from high quality steel, iron, and wood. We offer a variety of battle ready bludgeons, spiked clubs, morning stars, and flanged maces here. These medieval weapons are ideal for reenactments. Shop all our functional and decorative maces here, in many styles inspired by history and different cultures of Europe.
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16th Century German Mace

Item # 600626
If you are looking to bring the style of the 1500s knight to your home decor, check out the 16th Century German Mace.

16th Century Italian Mace

Item # 600624
Add the might of a Renaissance knight to your home decor or weaponry collection by showing off the 16th Century Italian Mace.

Bar Mace

Item # 600652
The remains of a mace of this type were found in the River Thames. Little finesse was needed for this brutal mace, and a warrior strong enough to wield it could crush helms and break swords with the heavy blows it could deliver.

Battle Mace

Item # AH-6085
What is the best way to put a knight in full plate armor in their place? Show them the effectiveness of this Battle Mace! This mace was made to match the appearance of historical blunt weapons, while also featuring a rugged strength.

Black Flange Mace

Item # NP-HWT50BK
Maces and similar polearms were popular weapons in the medieval world. The Black Flange Mace celebrates this weapon and looks great in any display. It makes a wonderful addition to a collection. Display it in your home or office.

Black Medieval Mace Dagger

Item # NP-HWT45BK
Sometimes a mace is not intimidating enough as a weapon. The Black Medieval Mace Dagger combines that medieval polearm with a dagger for a unique form. This polearm dagger combination is sure to surprise all who see it up close.

Black Spiked Morningstar

Item # ZS-901146-BK
The Black Spiked Morningstar is based on fearsome polearms and other weapons designed to make easy work where swords cannot!
$38.00 $34.00

Flanged Medieval Mace

Item # AH-6081
A good Flanged Medieval Mace is just what you need to get past any opponents armor. Not only does a mace pack considerable impact, but the angular flanges also offer a good chance of piercing armor, including plate, in some instances!

German Mace

Item # 600853
This German mace proves that weapons can be art. Although pleasing to the eye, it is deadly in function. By the 1500s armor had become very good protection from most weapons, but that was not the case with a mace like this one.

Gothic Flanged Mace

Item # 07-90MFLM
An eye-catching historical weapon for the modern man at arms, the Gothic Flanged Mace provides a contemporary interpretation of the classic gothic bludgeon. The high carbon steel mace is the perfect weapon to oppose armoured foes.
$158.09 $126.47

Gunstock War Club by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92PGS
The Gunstock War Club is modeled after Native American war clubs traditionally fashioned out of straight grain hardwoods. This modern recreation by Cold Steel is made of sleek, black, virtually indestructible polypropylene.
$68.69 $54.95

Indian War Club by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92PBH
Inspired by the weapons used by ancient cultures, the Indian War Club is made of modern materials for a devastating impact, while its surface has a realistic wood grain finish in homage to its carved hardwood origins.
$78.64 $62.91