Lotus Seed Wakizashi

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The Lotus Seed Wakizashi is inspired by the lotus plant, whose cyclical life cycle, from humble seed to stately flower, represents the circular journey of enlightenment. Rooted in mud, the lotus presents a beautiful pure blossom.

Made from T10 high-carbon steel, this functional Samurai sword features a curved blade, typical of Japanese swords. To begin with, it has a visible temper-line, or hamon. Copper lotus seeds adorn the black seed-pod-like tsuba.

Then, the sword continues with a traditionally wrapped handle. Purple cotton wraps around the white grip. The subtly waisted handle has golden dragonfly accents.

Finally, this sword comes with a black lacquered scabbard. It has a gold and purple cord wrapping near the top. Take this sword with you to the battlefield. Also, you can add it to a sword collection. Furthermore, you can complete your daisho with the matching Lotus Seed Katana (SD35270), sold separately.

Please keep in mind that this hand-forged sword will vary slightly in finish and overall measurements.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Elegant design
  • Visible hamon line
  • Tsuba has a lotus design
  • Makes a stunning addition to any collection


  • Forged T10 steel blade
  • Silver dragonfly accents
  • Copper seed decorations
  • Violet cotton handle wrap
  • Lacquered wood Saya

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