LARP Maintenance & DIY

Buying a Sword offers a fair share of LARP weapons, so it makes sense that we would carry the supplies you need to maintain your favorite LARP sword, dagger, or other type of foam weapon. We also carry a selection of DIY LARP materials for bringing your own LARP weapon ideas to life. Shop here for all our LARP maintenance and DIY items, including liquid latex, silicone spray, and foam plates. Our LARP fiberglass cores, foam and fiberglass core bases, and LARP foam plates are great for crafting your own live action roleplay creations. So whether you are touching up or repairing the LARP weapons you already own, creating a new one, or simply stocking up on LARP maintenance supplies, we have what you need here at Buying a Sword.
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DIY LARP Long Baton Base

Item # FD-1151
Create your own weapon for live action roleplay with the DIY LARP Long Baton Base. This blank base provides the basis for the self-construction of a LARP bat weapon. It is made from high quality foam surrounding a fiberglass core.

DIY LARP Long Sword Base

Item # FD-1094
If you are dreaming of your ideal LARP sword but have not found the right one for you, try crafting your own with the DIY LARP Long Sword Base. This expertly constructed base provides a safe start for your self-customized creation.

DIY LARP Short Baton Base

Item # FD-1150
The DIY LARP Short Baton Base provides the basis for the self-construction and customization of a LARP bat weapon. This base features sturdy construction, made of high quality, closed cell foam surrounding a fiberglass inner core.

DIY LARP Short Sword Base

Item # FD-1093
Craft your own blade for live action roleplay with the DIY LARP Short Sword Base. Ideal for self-customization, this base features a safe and sturdy construction, made of a high quality, closed cell foam surrounding a fiberglass core.

LARP Weapons Silicone Spray

Item # OP1000
Palnatoke has been using this LARP Weapons Silicone Spray for over 15 years on their LARP weapons and now it is available in a handy 30mL size! This spray on application cleans and conditions the latex coating, extending its life.

Latex Milk

Item # FD-1098
Use Latex Milk to coat your own DIY LARP weaponry. Useful in adding durability to self-customized or self-made LARP gear, this low ammonia formula is an essential crafting component your LARP swords and shields should not go without.

Maintenance Silicone for LARP Weapons

Item # MCI-2000
Your LARP latex weapons need regular maintenance and this silicone spray, which is acid free, is the perfect way to keep your weapons in good shape. The silicone will keep the coating flexible and make the weapons last much longer.

Medium Foam DIY Plate

Item # FD-1097
The Medium Foam DIY Plate, made of industrial quality, closed cell foam, features a middling thickness that makes it a versatile crafting material in creating your own LARP looks or customizing pre-existing weapons, shields, and more.

Thick Foam DIY Plate

Item # FD-1095
Use the Thick Foam DIY Plate to create your own dream LARP looks. Constructed from sturdy, industrial quality closed cell foam, this crafting material can be used to decorate shields, weapons, and more in whatever way you please.

Thin Foam DIY Plate

Item # FD-1096
Ideal for adding detail to your LARP weapons and shields, the Thin Foam DIY Plate will help you take your live action roleplay gear to the next level. Its closed cell, industrial quality foam is perfect for unique self-customization.