Here at Buying a Sword, we offer many kinds of LARP weapons for your next battle, including a range of excellent LARP axes. These LARP battle axes include double headed axes and single headed axes in a variety of styles like medieval, Viking, and fantasy. Designed by some of the best manufacturers like Calimacil, Windlass, and Epic Armoury, our role-playing axes display spectacular detailing and visual appeal. All of our LARP weapons are crafted with durability in mind. Many of them are virtually maintenance free, while being made to withstand many temperatures and types of weather. While safety will always remain a concern in battle, these LARP axes offer the most reliable experience possible with their flexible cores, Kevlar tip protection, and quality latex coatings. Browse through our live action role-playing axes to find the perfect weapon for your next battle!
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Medieval Battle Axe

Item # MCI-2043
Our LARP Medieval Battle Axe is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a round flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

Medieval LARP Tomahawk

Item # MCI-3488
The Medieval LARP Tomahawk has a versatile hatchet structure made safe for LARP combat through its soft and shred resistant foam construction. Realistically detailed, this LARP hand axe is a fantastic addition to any adventurers gear.

Orc LARP War Axe

Item # MCI-3309
Destroy any human in your path when you fight with the Orc LARP War Axe! This brutal looking war axe will help you defeat your enemies and amass power as you prove yourself to be the strongest and deadliest orc on the battlefield!

Paladin Double Headed LARP Axe

Item # NP-G-L07
A gleaming cross decorates the center of the Paladin Double Headed LARP Axe. An excellent choice for roleplaying campaigns and cosplay events, this latex axe features a silver haft with gold accents and a grip wrapped in black cord.

RFB Simple LARP Broad Axe

Item # MCI-2839
Never discount a weapon like the LARP Simple Broad Axe, as what it lacks in detail, it more than makes up for with quality. One of our Ready for Battle line, it features a hardy construction of fiberglass, foam, and latex.

RFB Simple Medieval LARP Axe

Item # MCI-2001
Our Simple LARP Axe is from our Ready for Battle line. The Ready for Battle line is a less costly line that is durable, but is not as detailed, making them very affordable and great for beginners or those on a small budget.

Runar LARP Battle Axe

Item # MY100768
The axe is the trademarked weapon of the Vikings, and it was widely used in Europe in combat and executions. The Runar LARP Battle Axe reproduces this weapon and places it in your hands, entrusting you with a steadfast battle companion.

Sachem LARP Tomahawk

Item # CL-314
Incredibly versatile, the Sachem LARP Tomahawk is at home in any setting and is both a great close combat LARP weapon and a LARP weapon for throwing. Made of latex-free Calimacil foam, this LARP hand axe has superior durability.

Short Elf LARP Axe

Item # MCI-3484
A short axe is perfect for cleaving and slicing even at short range. The Short Elf LARP Axe has a highly versatile and easy to maneuver size with just enough elegance in its design to set it apart as the weapon of an elven warrior.

Short Hand Axe

Item # MCI-2048
Our LARP Short Hand Axe is made from extremely durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a round flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

Single Bladed LARP Long Axe

Item # MCI-3649
Whether you stand guard at the towns gate or you fight as part of a barbarian army, ensure that you have a weapon like the Single Bladed LARP Long Axe. Wield it at your next LARP battle, cosplay event, or theatrical production.

Skullsplitter II LARP Axe

Item # CL-185
Perfect for breaking skulls and bones, this Skullsplitter II LARP Axe keeps orcs happy in battle. An upgraded version of the original Skullsplitter, this LARP weapon is longer, enabling you to fight from a distance.