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Frogs, Belts & Baldrics

Buying a Sword carries frogs, belts, and baldrics for easily carrying your favorite weapon with you, whether as part of a costume, at the medieval fair, for reenactment events, or simply for fun. Here you will find all our leather sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs, and rapier frogs for carrying your weapon at your side. Our leather sword belts are also great for wearing your sword at your next event. Leather baldrics hang like a sash, many featuring adjustable frogs to fit a variety of scabbards. Many of these sword holders are available in different colors and are available in right- or left-handed makes. If you are looking for a great way to carry your favorite blade around, then look no further than our selection of leather belts, frogs, and baldrics.
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Black Leather Rapier Frog

Item # ZS-210698
For a swordsman, it is of paramount importance that the sword be kept within easy reach, at all times. This Black Leather Rapier Frog does just that, keeping the sword at a warriors hip so that it can be drawn at a moments notice.
$18.00 $16.00

Black Military Dress Frog

Item # 200328
The Black Military Dress Frog makes a great accessory for a variety of service members and their service dress with its versatile design. It fits all military dress belts.

Black Sword Frog - Left Hand

Item # HW-701305
Your trusted blade will be at the ready when you wear the Black Sword Frog during LARP adventures. This left-handed sword frog is handcrafted from high quality leather, and its adjustable, brass buckled straps ensure a secure fit.

Black Sword Frog - Right Hand

Item # HW-701165
Have your LARP blade by your side and ready for whatever the journey has in store with the Black Sword Frog. This right-handed leather sword frog has adjustable brass buckled straps to hold your LARP sword securely on most belts.

Broadsword Belt Right Hand

Item # OH2451
Our new sword belt is styled after 13th century examples and is capable of handling most medieval-style single-hand and hand-and-a-half swords. It is a great accent and a must-have for any swordsman.
$132.00 $119.00

Brown Knightly Belt

Item # 200678
Our Knights belts are the perfect choice for almost any medieval knightly outfit. The extra long 70 inch heavy grade brown leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and heavy duty buckle.

Brown Lace Up Leather Frog

Item # HW-701167
The Brown Lace Up Leather Frog is a great way to have your sword by your side for LARP, Ren fairs, or other costuming events. This handcrafted leather frog easily slides onto a belt and holds a weapon secure with adjustable lacing.

Brown Sword Frog - Left Hand

Item # HW-701304
The Brown Sword Frog places your sword within easy reach while keeping your hands free. Secure your favorite LARP blade to your belt with this left handed leather sword frog. Its brass buckled straps ensure an adjustable fit.

Brown Sword Frog - Right Hand

Item # HW-701166
Be ready for whatever battles may befall you on your journey with the Brown Sword Frog. This right handed leather sword frog holds your favorite LARP weapon securely at your side, suspended from your favorite medieval belt.

Buckled Leather Sword Frog

Item # DK1053
Having a good weapon for your next encounter is a good thing, and so is being able to draw your weapon with speed. That is where this Buckled Leather Sword Frog comes into play, as it makes carrying your weapon an effortless endeavor.

Celtic Double Wrap Sword Belt

Item # DK2034
This is our popular Double Wrap Sword Belt with Celtic knotwork embossed on the belt. From the early B.C. Celts to well past the Renaissance, warriors figured out that a double wrap belt was a more comfortable way to carry a sword.

Celtic Knot Buckle Belt

Item # MY100172
The time for celebration is near. The perfect costume is almost complete. You are quite pleased with the image in the mirror, but something is missing. Add a classical touch to your attire by donning the Celtic Knot Buckle Belt.