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Frogs, Belts & Baldrics

Buying a Sword carries frogs, belts, and baldrics for easily carrying your favorite weapon with you, whether as part of a costume, at the medieval fair, for reenactment events, or simply for fun. Here you will find all our leather sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs, and rapier frogs for carrying your weapon at your side. Our leather sword belts are also great for wearing your sword at your next event. Leather baldrics hang like a sash, many featuring adjustable frogs to fit a variety of scabbards. Many of these sword holders are available in different colors and are available in right- or left-handed makes. If you are looking for a great way to carry your favorite blade around, then look no further than our selection of leather belts, frogs, and baldrics.
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Medieval Sword Belt

Item # AH-4330
A good sword should always be kept at your side, and this Medieval Sword Belt accomplishes this task! This addition to your attire will keep your sword at your side, to complete your look and ensure that your blade is never out of reach.

Medieval Sword Frog

Item # DK1014
Our Large Sword Frogs are designed to hang from your waist belt and will securely hold your sword in place. They fit up to a 3 inch wide belt. This is a must-have for any knight ,warrior, or sword master!

Medieval Sword Frog

Item # DK1013
Our Large Sword Frogs are designed to hang from your waist belt and will securely hold your sword in place. They fit up to a 3 inch belt. A good frog is a necessity for any knight or medieval warrior!

Medieval Wide Buckle Belt

Item # DK2018
Our 3 inch Wide Buckle Belt (also known as a Kilt Belt) is so good looking that our customers wear it with their everyday clothes! Wear it with your kilt, Renaissance Garb, or normal clothing, whatever pleases you!

Mjolnir Sword Frog

Item # DK1076-6
Strike with the might of a thunder god when you draw your weapon from the Mjolnir Sword Frog. This handmade leather sword frog is ideal for a variety of LARP weapons. The hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, decorates its front accent panel.

Morris Sword Holder

Item # MY100907
For warriors and mercenaries, a sword must always be at your side, ready for a fight at any time. Carry your best sword in the Morris Sword Holder. This frog is ideal for Renaissance faires, LARP battles, and fantasy conventions.

Musketeer Baldric

Item # MCI-2200
Perhaps your belt is already full or perhaps your look will not support a belt. Either way makes carrying a sword difficult. At least it would if you did not wear this Musketeer Baldric, to keep your sword secure at your side!

Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

Item # 200944
Our Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt is made from black leather with a gold plated buckle. It pairs perfectly the Navy Officer Sword, as well as other military swords. The belt width is 1.75 inches.

Pirate Baldric

Item # MCI-2199
A baldric is more than just a stylish addition to your attire. It is also an effective way to support your weapon, ensuring that no matter where the tides take you, this Pirate Baldric keeps your trusty cutlass ready at your side!

Pirate Baldric

Item # 200634
The Pirate Baldric is inspired by images of pirates, bristling with weapons, boarding a hapless merchant ship. But this black leather baldric makes a fantastic, functional addition to the outfits of both swashbucklers and swordsmen.

Pirate's Baldric

Item # RT-181
Pirates were notorious for carrying an assortment of weapons, and not all of them were visible. This Pirates Baldric, however, is a way to carry a blade or a pistol in open view, showing off your preferred weapon in a fight.

Pirates Wide Waist Belt

Item # DK2020
If you are putting together an authentic pirate outfit, our Pirates Wide Waist Belt is a must. This leather belt is 2.75 inches wide and has a solid brass buckle and brass grommets in the belt holes, resulting in many years of use.