Fantasy & Unique Daggers

Some of the most unique daggers on Buying a Sword can be found here among our wide array of fantasy daggers! A number of our fantasy blades are inspired by popular media like Conan the Barbarian, Assassins Creed, the Legend of Zelda, and the tales of King Arthur. Others display detailed ornamentation featuring designs like dragons, skulls, spiders, cobras, scorpions, flames, eagles, bats, and more. These functional and decorative daggers display wicked looking blades, many with more than one in their design. Our fantasy punch blades and claw blades, for example, often feature two to four blades extending from the base for extremely intimidating looks. A large number of our ornamental daggers come with a display stand or wall plaque to make it easy to show off your latest find. Whether you want a wizard dagger, an elven dagger, or any other classic fantasy blade design, you can discover fun options here at Buying a Sword!
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Greenman Medieval Dagger

Item # MC-HK-3487
Combining eye-catching style with functional design, this historical dagger replica makes an excellent addition to any weapons collection. The Greenman Medieval Dagger features lovely ornamentation on its guard, pommel, and sheath.

Hunter Wolf Dagger

Item # NP-H-5953
Any monster hunter should have a sidearm at the ready. After all, they face many uncertain things in the dark. Carry the Hunter Wolf Dagger with you. You can add this fantasy blade to a dagger collection or a display in your home.

Indian Katar

Item # AH-3458
The Indian Katar is not a common weapon. Similar in design to a push-dagger, yet larger, the exotic dagger is essentially a punch-blade, one that greatly enhances the lethality of a warrior by fitting a blade onto their hand.

Jambiya Dagger

Item # 402118
The Jambiya is found in every country that has been inhabited by the Arabs, from Turkey to the Balkans, even in Spain. It is unsure how old this exotic knife type is. Our offering is of the form found in Persia and India.

Kris Dragon Dagger

Item # MC-FM-421B
The kris was traditionally a ceremonial dagger, one that could possess its own mystical presence, as well as strange powers. This Kris Dragon Dagger does not possess any magic, but it does have something of a great presence.

Large Flame and Skull Dagger with Stand

Item # NP-H-557
The Large Flame and Skull Dagger with Stand adds a macabre and dangerous look to any dagger collection that it is in. You can also add it to any gothic or dark decor. It is sure to catch the eye of any viewer that gets a glimpse.

Lion Pride Brass Dragon Dagger

Item # NP-H-9906-BR
The might of lions meets the roar of a dragon in the Lion Pride Brass Dragon Dagger. This decorative dagger draws inspiration from Eastern myth with a serpent-like dragon curling around its hilt as a tassel hangs from the pommel.

Lion Pride Silver Dragon Dagger

Item # NP-H-9906-SL
The roar of the dragon is matched with that of the lion within the detailed design of the Lion Pride Silver Dragon Dagger. This Asian inspired fantasy dagger features a serpent-like dragon curling around its silver colored hilt.

Merlin the Magician Dagger by Marto

Item # MA-720S
Merlin is, perhaps, almost as famous a name as Arthur. Arthurs tutor in his informative years, Merlin taught Arthur everything he needed to know. The Merlin the Magician Dagger, by Marto, pays tribute this inscrutable character.

Morgul-Blade of the Nazgul

Item # UC2990
Do you dare wield the legendary and nefarious Morgul-Blade of the Nazgul? Tainted by the power of the Witch-King of Angmar, this knife offers a wicked blade and a dark curse for those who taste its pitted and aged blade.

Ninja Octagon Sai Set

Item # VW-SH7600
With one for each hand, the Ninja Octagon Sai Set is the ultimate pair of combat weapons for martial arts masters. Made of 1045 carbon steel, this set of functional sai features black faux leather wrapped handles.

Oriental Monastery Guard Dagger

Item # ZS-210181
With an impressive design, this Oriental Monastery Guard Dagger has been specially crafted in order to honor the ancient practice of monasticism amongst Buddhist monks. This dagger would make a stunning addition to any collection.