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Wield the Dungeons & Dragons Cleric’s LARP Mace against the darkness, your symbol of light and hope, its golden swirls shining against the shadows. Each strike of your mace sends ripples of light through the undead and demonic hordes, pushing back the encroaching dark.

A Relic of Faith and Justice

This officially licensed mace is not only a testament to authenticity but also a designed and exquisite addition to your D&D gear. Crafted from sturdy materials and proudly displaying its alignment to the light, this LARP foam mace is the ultimate weapon for vanquishing darkness on your adventures.

Fashioned from high-quality polyurethane foam with a hardness of shore A30, this foam mace promises the thrill of combat without injury. The shore A30 hardness means it has roughly the same hardness as gel insoles, bouncing off harmlessly on impact. The haft core, made of a fiberglass rod, reinforces your D&D Cleric mace during full-contact battles. The unique flanged head design gives it an elegant and powerful appearance.

Featuring golden swirl patterns along the haft and within the flanged head, this LARP crusader mace captures the essence of the Cleric’s righteous crusade. Additionally, a disc above the flanged head mirrors the holy chalices and the burning braziers decorating sacred temples.

Balanced for a wider variety of combat styles, this medieval fantasy Cleric mace is always ready for battle. This D&D foam mace is capped with a unique hexagonal pommel and engraved with the official D&D symbol, assuring its authenticity.

Join the Ranks of the Celestial Vanguard

This isn’t just a weapon, it’s a symbol of your unwavering faith and commitment to banishing evil. Wield this Cleric polyurethane mace one-handed for quick and decisive blows, or wield it two-handed for powerful strikes against monstrous beings. Its lightweight yet robust construction makes it easy to handle, ensuring you can focus on your role rather than your gear.

The exquisite details, from the intricate engravings on the pommel to the spiral pattern connecting the head and handle, echo the rich lore and history of D&D. This D&D cosplay mace’s flanged head is not only designed but also visually stunning, setting it apart from other LARP weapons. Furthermore, the golden swirl patterns add a touch of elegance, making it a standout piece in any ensemble.

Whether you’re engaged in a fierce LARP battle or bringing your favorite character to life at a cosplay event, this LARP weapon allows you to fully immerse yourself in the role. Its versatility ensures that you can engage in realistic combat without compromising safety or style. Moreover, keep this divinely wrought mace in your armory or special collection, reminding you of the glories of defeating evil.

Want to equip this ornate cosplay mace to another character idea? No problem. Clash against the forces of evil as a noble Paladin, or step into the shoes of a righteous Fighter who’s destined to save the realms from the dark.

Or, as another idea, keep this mace at the side of a divinely-guided Wizard, able to channel holy magic. Equip yourself with the Dungeons & Dragons Cleric’s LARP Mace and join the fight against evil today.

Key Features:

  • Officially Licensed Product: With official licensing from Dungeons & Dragons, you can trust that every detail of this mace has been designed with true fans in mind.
  • Premium and Sturdy Construction: Crafted from top-tier polyurethane foam, this mace balances realism with safety, making it ideal for both display and active use.
  • Intricate and Sanctified Details: The golden swirl patterns and unique pommel make this weapon a must-have for champions of justice and collectors alike.
  • Designed for LARP and Cosplay: The Cleric’s LARP Mace is designed to perform, whether you’re battling foes in a LARP game or posing for a photo shoot.
  • Iconic Flanged Design: The historically-inspired flanged head design, complemented by golden swirls, offers a distinctive and elegant look to your arsenal.


  • Mace made of polyurethane foam
  • Shaft core made of fiberglass


Overall Length: 35.4 Inches

Fiberglass Core Diameter: 0.4 Inches

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