Dragon Swords

One of the most popular magical creatures, dragons decorate many things, including this fantastic selection of dragon swords. We carry both functional and decorative swords. They come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and high carbon steel. Also, they feature a variety of styles. These styles include katanas and fantasy style short swords among others. In addition, many of the swords have a dragon decorating the handle. Some of them continue the dragon theme onto the blade. If you are searching for an amazing sword, take a look here. We have multiple options for you to choose from. Stop by and browse this awesome selection.

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Dragon Claw Sword with Dual Daggers

Item # NP-L-26001
When you are wanting a truly unique sword to grace the walls of your warrior abode, then be sure to check out the Dragon Claw Sword with Dual Daggers. This dragon sword is sure to catch the eye of any viewer that gets a glimpse of it.

Dragon Hilt Sword with Dragon Scabbard

Item # NP-K-2627
Are you looking for a great sword to add to your home decor or fantasy sword collection? Then look at the Dragon Hilt Sword with Dragon Scabbard. This dragon sword is sure to catch the eye of any viewer that gets a glimpse of it.

Segreant Dragon Sword with Plaque

Item # NP-L-811
Any great fantasy hero should have an array of impressive weapons displayed in their abode. Get the Segreant Dragon Sword with Plaque for your home decor or office space. It makes a great addition to any weaponry collection as well.

Dragon Tanto

Item # ZS-210172
A fantastic choice for knife and dragon enthusiasts, this Dragon Tanto features an etched black dragon slithering down the blade. This stainless steel fixed blade knife displays the pronounced chisel tip of an American style tanto.
$13.00 $11.00

Blue Handled Dragon Katana

Item # MC-SW-73BL
Two iconic symbols of Japanese culture and history have come together in the exceptionally decorative Blue Handled Dragon Katana. This samurai sword is the perfect way to add a piece of Eastern inspiration into your display.

Midnight Dragon Sword

Item # ZS-926750
A cloudless sky greets the guards as they resume their nightly post. A soft clink draws their attention to the right. The moonlight reflects off cold steel as the samurai warrior removes the Midnight Dragon Sword from its sheath.
$40.00 $36.00