Dragon Daggers

Buying a Sword is proud to offer this fantastic array of dragon daggers. These daggers display wicked looking blades, many with more than one in their design. A large number of our ornamental daggers come with a display stand or wall plaque to make it easy to show off your latest find. From straight to curved blades, they come in a variety of styles. Many of them have a dragon featured on the handle. Other daggers continue the dragon theme onto the blade. Explore our range of high-quality daggers to see the many different options we offer. You are sure to find something that will interest you.

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Demon Dragon Dagger

Item # NP-H-854
The evil, demonic forces of the dragon scourge can be seen on the wicked looking blade known as the Demonic Dragon Dagger. Every one of the red-eyed, winged lizards on this knife are creatures from the deadliest parts of the abyss.

Ornate Dragon Dagger with Blue Scabbard

Item # NP-H-855-BL
A battle ensues between the mythical beasts that appear on the Ornate Dragon Dagger with Blue Scabbard. Whirling wind patterns contribute to the overall feeling of movement and action in a medieval scene inspired by high fantasy lore.

Ornate Dragon Dagger with Red Scabbard

Item # NP-H-855-RD
The ferocious beauty and grace of the creatures featured in the Ornate Dragon Dagger with Red Scabbard capture the eye. Medieval folklore is rife with tales of the fire-breathing beasts who wrought terror upon countless kingdoms.

Lion Pride Brass Dragon Dagger

Item # NP-H-9906-BR
The might of lions meets the roar of a dragon in the Lion Pride Brass Dragon Dagger. This decorative dagger draws inspiration from Eastern myth with a serpent-like dragon curling around its hilt as a tassel hangs from the pommel.

Lion Pride Silver Dragon Dagger

Item # NP-H-9906-SL
The roar of the dragon is matched with that of the lion within the detailed design of the Lion Pride Silver Dragon Dagger. This Asian inspired fantasy dagger features a serpent-like dragon curling around its silver colored hilt.

Blue Wyvern and Dragon Dagger

Item # ZS-211155-BL
A wyvern with sinuous neck and tail faces off against a dragon crouched with wings unfurled. The mythical beasts are poised for battle on this Blue Wyvern and Dragon Dagger, an excellent addition to any fantasy blade collection.