Double Headed Axes

Two heads are clearly better than one when you are searching for an impressive axe! And at Buying a Sword, we have a great selection of double headed axes to choose from. We have decorative axes and replica axes based on popular characters from fantasy, like Conan the Barbarian, as well as functional axes that are suited for historical reenactment, combat, or utility use. Shop here for battle ready medieval axes based on those used to combat heavily armored foes as well as tomahawks inspired by the colonial era of America. We also offer ornate double headed axes that are meant to serve as impressive pieces of home decor. When you are searching for a double headed axe, no matter the occasion or the style you need, be sure to browse through our double headed axe section here at Buying a Sword.
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Black Legion Battle Axe

Item # KR0022B
From the universe created by Kit Rae, the Black Legion Battle Axe was the primary weapon of the monstrous Barumen Axe men, soldiers to the Lord of the Shadows. This decorative axe features false edged blades made of 3Cr13 stainless steel.
$276.25 $199.00

Conan the Barbarian Simple Axe of Rexor by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN041S
The Conan the Barbarian Simple Axe of Rexor by Marto is the axe once wielded by Rexor in the Conan the Barbarian movie, reproduced so that the teeming masses can enjoy this wicked axe at its proper, full size.
$235.00 $195.00

Double Bit Michigan Axe

Item # CTK4051C175
The Double Bit Michigan Axe is a favorite of mountain men. This axe is not too large or too small, and it features a double bit head which allows for extra weight when chopping and the use of two distinct edges.

Double Headed Axe with Spike

Item # ME-0124
Designed in the appearance of late medieval era weaponry, the Double Headed Axe with Spike is a spectacular piece of home decor. Its employment of two blades and a thrusting spike creates an exceptionally eye-catching appearance.

Double Headed Ceremonial Axe by Marto

Item # MA-8651S
The Double Headed Ceremonial Axe by Marto is proof-positive that just because an axe is regarded as a simple, easy-to-make weapon, not all of them are brutish, plain, or unrefined. This one is none of those.

Double Headed Decorative Medieval Axe

Item # ME-0109
Used as a ceremonial or sacrificial weapon, battle axes with two blades became a symbol of divine power for many ancient civilizations. You can display this magisterial symbol with the Double Headed Decorative Medieval Axe.

Double Headed Small Hawk

Item # AH-3913
Some tomahawks are made for show and some are made for use. This Double Headed Small Hawk is one that is made for use, featuring a balance and construction that makes this tomahawk fun and easy to throw, either for fun or competition.

Hero's Axe

Item # XH1074
The double axe has long been associated with heroes and heroics, and the Hero's Axe helps to perpetuate that legend. Possessed of a hardy and hefty design, this axe looks easily capable of splitting shields and cleaving skulls.
$220.00 $191.00

Long Hafted Double Bit Axe

Item # AH-3543L
In battle, it is true about what they say - two heads are better than one. This Long Hafted Double Bit Axe features two blades that make it a deadly weapon for any warrior to wield, as well as a frightening weapon to face.

Medieval Double Headed Axe

Item # ME-0125
Used throughout history by a vast array of cultures as ceremonial weapons, double headed axes have often been considered symbols of divine power. With the Medieval Double Headed Axe, you can reign over your private kingdom.

Predator Battle Axe

Item # MC-SW-710
Sometimes the best decorations you can give a weapon are the ones that make it more intimidating. Already a terrifying, double-bladed weapon, the Predator Battle Axe is frightening thanks to elements of its design.

Rudger Double Headed Axe

Item # MY100783
The Rudger Double Headed Axe is a hardy weapon for any warrior to have on hand. Whether your character is a Viking, knight, or medieval huntsman, this steel historical axe is ideal for stage combat and light reenactment use.