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They were not called the Dark Ages for nothing. It was dangerous times, and a mans best friend in that era was likely the sword at this hip. And this Dark Ages Arming Sword delivers to you the classic sword of that age, for you to use in your endeavors. This handsome sword is straight-forward in its design, creating not the fancy blade of an untrained lord, but rather the hardy and effective blade of a medieval warrior. The sword features a hand crafted EN45 carbon spring steel blade with straight edges and a somewhat gentle taper, which gives the sword a rounded point. The sword features a single, solid tang, while a wide fuller runs down the length of the blade, helping to reduce its weight without decreasing its strength. The guard features a gentle curve, with the concave shape angling towards the blade. The grip is wrapped in leather, and the hilt is completed with a round wheel pommel. Included with the sword is a wood scabbard that is wrapped in real leather. Sheathed at your side, this Dark Ages Arming Sword is a good, solid friend to any warrior, one that will allow them to take their safety into their own hands in a dark, bleak world filled with brigands, witches, and worse.

Key Features:

  • Offered in a Regular, Fully Functional Reenactment Version
  • Modeled After a Classic Medieval Arming Sword
  • Features a Hand Crafted EN45 Carbon Spring Steel Blade
  • Has A Concave, Blade-Turned Guard and a Wheel Pommel
  • Includes a Wooden, Leather Wrapped Scabbard
  • A Fantastic Costume Sword, Training Weapon, or Display Piece


  • Blade Length: 29.5 Inches
  • Blade Width (Widest Point): 1.8 Inches
  • Overall Length: 36 Inches

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