Layered-Steel Nobles Dirk

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Originally, the dirk was a personal weapon of ship-board officers and nobles. This thrusting dagger was also something like a badge of office, too, and so it was expected that an officer have something nice – something like this Layered-Steel Nobles Dirk. This impressive and altogether handsome weapon features a wooden hilt that is ornately detailed with brass studs, while also featuring silver bands with brass waves at the center and the tip of the hilt. The blade has a straight, angular design that tapers to a fine, thrusting point, while also featuring a straight, deep fuller along its spine. More striking, though, is the stunning wave pattern of the damascus steel used for the daggers blade, which transforms this weapon from a sea-mans side-arm to a stunning display piece worthy of collection. The flattened pommel is adorned with a single brass star at the tip as well, which adds a subtle yet unique touch to the daggers design. Included with the dagger is a leather sheath with a belt strap, which makes carrying this dirk around, either for show or as a part of your costume, rather easy. This Layered-Steel Nobles Dirk is, all in all, a captains dagger, if ever there was one, and the fine look of the damascus steel makes it a rich looking collectible of medieval origin to enjoy, as well.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • A Thrusting Dagger from the Age of the Sails
  • Features a Blade of Rippled, Wavy Damascus Steel
  • Has a Long Fuller and a Sharply Tapered Blade
  • Wooden Handle is Decorated with Brass Rivets and Metal Rings
  • Hilt Features a Single Brass Star Accent
  • Includes a Leather Sheath with Belt Loop


  • Overall Length: 20 Inches
  • Rockwell Hardness: 52-58

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