Counterspy Dual Blade Short Sword

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The agent reaches the drop point, scanning the plaza for anything suspicious before inspecting the package. Hearing a sharp whistle, she turns, and with a quick motion holds one of the Counterspy Dual Blade Short Swords in each hand. The sleek lines of this weapon conceal its secret – each metal handle is also a sheath for its twin. The handles lock together for safe transport, and are separated again by pressing the button lock. The stainless steel short swords would make an excellent display piece as well as a fun accessory for an urban vigilante or subterfuge cosplay.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Twin stainless steel blades lock into sheath handles with button mechanism
  • Metal casing works as both handle and sheath
  • Blades are not visible when pieces are locked together
  • Excellent gift for collectors of unusual weapons


  • Overall Length: 26.75 Inches (closed)

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