Charlemagne Swords

Charlemagne united the majority of Western Europe during the early Middle Ages for the first time since the Roman Empire, earning him the title Father of Europe. Also known as Charles the Great, Charlemagne became the first Holy Roman Emperor and founded the Carolingian Empire. As one of the greatest kings of the medieval period, Charlemagne remains a popular figure from history, making the Charlemagne swords here at Buying a Sword an excellent choice for anyone wanting a collectible sword. Traditionally, Charlemagnes personal sword has been known by the name Joyeuse. Two medieval swords have been attributed to him, one kept in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna and the other held in the Louvre in Paris. With their ornate detailing, our Joyeuse sword replicas and other decorative Charlemagne swords make great re-enactment blades and display pieces for history lovers and weapon enthusiasts.
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Charlemagne Sword

Item # SA3209
The great emperor Charlemagne was an important figure in the Early Middle Ages. The Charlemagne Sword recalls that mighty warrior in a decorative sword. Put this sword on display in your home or make it a centerpiece in a collection.

Deluxe Sword of Emperor Charlemagne by Marto

Item # MA-AC0400S
The Deluxe Sword of Emperor Charlemagne, by Marto, is a replica of one of the most well-known swords in the world, the traditional coronation sword of France, once attributed to the great Emperor Charlemagne.