Celtic Sgian Dubh

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Sometimes a classic historical item is brought into the modern era with a twist that not only gives the item a newer look, but creates an entirely new item. Such is the example with the Celtic Sgiann Dubh. While typically made of wood or antler, this sgian dubh has been influenced by modern designs and is entirely cast-metal. The hilt is a gorgeous display of Celtic knot-work, forming a comfortable and modern-looking grip for an old-world dagger. The pommel is set with a blue crystal, meant to imitate the valuable cairngorm stones that older generations would use to decorate their sgian dubh. The blade is stainless steel, with a full edge on one side and a short false edge and serrations on the back. It also features a small fuller, to remove some unnecessary weight from the blade. Simple and elegant, the Celtic Sgian Dubh is the perfect dagger for someone seeking to celebrate their heritage while also attempting to add their own, modern touch or for anyone who has a love of intricate and new designs.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • Includes Hard Sheath
  • Synthetic Blue Crystal On Pommel
  • Blade has small fuller


  • Overall Length: 9 Inches

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