Black Engraved Dragon Bokken Sword

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Bokken are traditionally left undecorated, because they are designed for sparring and training only. Ornamental bokken, though, do exist. Typically, such bokken, like our Black Engraved Dragon Bokken, are meant purely for aesthetic purposes. Too much engraving and carving would weaken the structure of the bokken, and training with a decorative item would only destroy the decoration. This bokken, however, could be used for solo practice, so long as the practice involves little actual impact on the bokken itself. Made from solid wood with an attractive black varnish, this beautiful piece is engraved with a dragon along the blade, while the grip is wrapped with red cord, in the same fashion as a katana. An engraved bokken is an excellent gift-idea for the practitioner of the Japanese sword, so why not consider giving them a Black Engraved Dragon Bokken?

Key Features:

  • Constructed from Solid Wood with Black Varnish
  • Decorative Dragon Engraved into Blade
  • Great for Collecting


  • Overall Length: 39 Inches

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