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Nothing adds a sense of might to home decor quite like a medieval weapon. And here at Buying A Sword, we carry Ancient Armoury weapons to help you give your domain the proper historical feel. From medieval and Renaissance swords inspired by historical figures like El Cid to halberds, axes, and flails, shop here for high quality collectible weapons that will take you back to the ancient eras with their high quality craftsmanship. Impress guests with a decorative sword above the mantle, or show off morning stars and double headed decorative axes to proclaim your warrior might. Italian Renaissance swords add finesse to any setting, and ornate takes on historical weapons bring beauty to displays. Whether you prefer the fearsome weapons of battle or the elegance of dueling swords, Ancient Armoury is here to help you enjoy medieval history in your own home.
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Dark Ages Axe

Item # ME-0118
In an extraordinary replication of the axes that were used during the Middle Ages to construct siege weaponry, the Dark Ages Axe is a fantastic example of the tools that helped advance the complexity of medieval warfare.

Dark Warrior Axe

Item # ME-0119
Emulating the timeless style of early Middle Ages weaponry, the Dark Warrior Axe is a replica of war axes that first appeared in the 7th century and remained popular throughout Europe for centuries due to their powerful design.

Decorative 16th Century Sword

Item # ME-0135
Emulating the appearance of side swords worn by European officers during 16th century, the Decorative 16th Century Sword is a breathtaking piece of home decor that emanates a stylish look of late medieval era elegance.

Decorative Dragon Sword

Item # ME-0130
Beautifully designed to replicate the construction of a medieval era sword, Decorative Dragon Sword employs a spectacular fantasy styling. This ornately decorated weapon is a wonderful way to display your love of medieval weaponry.

Decorative El Cid Broadsword

Item # ME-0131
Emulating the design of the sword wielded by the Spanish hero El Cid, the Decorative El Cid Broadsword is a beautiful decoration for the home or office, which will express your love of Spanish history and weapons.

Decorative El Cid Sword

Item # ME-0134
A famous warrior and hero of Spain from the 11th century, El Cid has become well known for his legendary conquest of Valencia. The Decorative El Cid Sword is a wonderful replica of Tizona, the sword he used during this conquest.

Decorative Italian Sword

Item # ME-0139
Replicating the extraordinary styling of 17th century Italian rapiers, the Decorative Italian Sword embodies the appearance of a sword that likely would have been carried by a gentleman for the sole purpose of dueling.

Decorative Medieval Axe

Item # ME-0111
Designed in the appearance of a 15th century battle axe that was predominantly used by cavalry, the Decorative Medieval Axe is a spectacular accent for the home or office to express your interest in medieval history.

Decorative Saint Fernando III Sword

Item # ME-0133
A stunning piece of home decor, the Decorative Saint Fernando III Sword emulates the appearance of the weapon once wielded by a Spanish king during the 13th century. This is a remarkably detailed sword that radiates historical appeal.

Decorative Spanish Sword with Display Plaque

Item # ME-0156
Splendidly emulating the sword wielded by El Cid in his famous conquest of Valencia, the Decorative Spanish Sword with Display Plaque is an impeccable decoration for the home or office of anyone who enjoys his wonderful tale.

Display Stand for Three Halberds

Item # ME-0106
Crafted to securely display up to three pole arms at once, the Display Stand for Three Halberds is a wonderful complement for your decorative weapons. It is crafted from sturdy cast metal in a simple and stable design.

Double Headed Axe with Spike

Item # ME-0124
Designed in the appearance of late medieval era weaponry, the Double Headed Axe with Spike is a spectacular piece of home decor. Its employment of two blades and a thrusting spike creates an exceptionally eye-catching appearance.