2 Piece Silver Ninja Sword Set

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Does the old adage of two being better than one apply to swords, just as it does to heads? Yes, yes it does! This 2 Piece Silver Ninja Sword Set puts a pair of straight-edged blades into your hands that some modern style to the ninjas age-old weapons. To a modern ninja, these swords would be considered primary arms, as well as necessary additions to any shadow-warriors battle kit. Each sword is made from stainless steel and features a quasi-futuristic style, possessing a chisel-like tip of angular edges, which brings more breadth and width to any thrust you might make. The swords feature a straight cutting edge, while several cut-outs along the spine of the blade help to reduce its weight, making this pair of blades light in weight and highly agile to wield. These swords lack formal guards and instead feature small notch and extension, for finger placement in varied styles of wielding, as well as providing a slight touch of protection to the hand. The grips are wrapped in black fabric for comfort. Included with this duo of deadly blades is a leather and nylon sheath, which accommodates both swords with ease.

Although not designed for combat, these stainless steel swords can be used for light cutting and solo practice.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • A Set of Two Modern Ninja Swords
  • Blades are Made from Stainless Steel
  • Both Feature Chisel-Points with Straight Cutting Edges
  • Decorated with Square Cut-Outs to Reduce its Weight
  • Has a Limited Notch Guard and a Cloth Wrapped Grip
  • Includes a Leather and Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop
  • A Great Pair of Display Swords or costume arms


  • Long Sword Length: 29 Inches
  • Short Sword Length: 18 Inches

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