19th Century American Cavalry Saber


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Availability: 16 in stock


Amidst a smoke-filled forest clearing, cannon and musket fire cracks through the early morning mist as Union soldiers ride behind enemy lines to counterattack. Just as he spots the unmistakable storm grey and red uniforms of the rebels, their officer draws his 19th Century American Cavalry Saber and bellows the battle cry of freedom before charging.

Recreate the Valor of the Past

Step back into the era of the American Civil War with the hand forged brilliance of the 19th Century American Cavalry Saber. Amidst the tumultuous battle cries at Gettysburg and the chaotic charge of General Pickett, this saber will withstand the rigors of reenactment. To clarify, this American Civil War saber arrives to you unsharpened, ensuring safety for reenactors and collectors alike.

Now, you can add a timeless piece of history to your arsenal, standing proud in the name of liberty. Designed for the modern reenactor, this American saber is a tribute to titanic clashes of blade and cannon. As such, the blade is subtly curved for leverage in slashing from atop horseback or on foot.

Forged with Excellence, Wielded by Heroes

Firstly, at over 30 inches in length, this blade is a testament to the cavalry saber’s robustness and reliability. In addition, the black grip ensures comfortability and an ergonomic strike. Secondly, the D-guard is pure brass and ensures safety and style as you march alongside your regiment. Furthermore, the brass guard displays an elegant flowing design that gives your American saber an eye-catching look.

Thirdly, the scabbard is made of high-quality steel, ensuring your cavalry sword will be safely stored. Moreover, the steel scabbard is complemented by two steel suspension rings, allowing you to loop your belt through them.

Additionally, this cavalry sword scabbard features a wide mouthpiece, easy for sheathing. Next up for the scabbard, this Civil War cavalry saber features a unique crest at the bottom, adding elegance and authority to the design.

Fourthly, belts can loop through the two steel suspension rings for a snug fit and compatible fastening. Ensuring stability and protection, the brass quillion at the back of the guard embodies practical design with considerate craftsmanship. In addition, this Civil War sword features a brass pommel at the bottom, complementing the elegant guard above.

A Must-Have for Reenactors and Historians

Inspired by tales of bravery in the brutality of the American Civil War, this cavalry sword pays homage to the “Old Wrist Breaker” nickname. This American saber is more than a relic, it’s a bridge to the past, inviting those who wield it to remember the days of muskets and line warfare.

Not only does this cavalry sword make a great addition to your reenactment kit, but it also serves as a collectible for display. Additionally, you can hook the suspension rings onto the wall or attach them to a weapon rack for display.

Additionally, hang this American saber on your wall or let it rest anywhere for an homage to American valor. Moreover, this saber could be the centerpiece of your collection, bringing American history to life.

Did You Know?

General Philip Sheridan of the Union Army had an ornate cavalry saber during his service. At the height of the conflict, he had his saber engraved with the names of all the battles he participated in on the scabbard. The list of battles engraved on his scabbard extends all the way from the locket to the end of the crest!

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Steel Blade: This American saber blade is forged from high-quality steel.
  • Protective Brass D-Guard: Guard protecting the knuckles is made of solid brass.
  • Stylish Brass Components: The quillion behind the guard, pommel, and back of the hilt are all made of pure brass.
  • Elegant Steel Scabbard: Made from strong high-quality steel, the scabbard ensures safe transport and storage for the blade.
  • Comfortable Black Grip: Made with an ergonomic design, the black grip ensures comfort and stability when wielding this sword.
  • Suspension Steel Rings: Two suspension steel rings at the top of the scabbard can be loops for belts or rope.


  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Made of solid brass


Overall LengthBlade LengthGrip LengthBlade WidthScabbard LengthSword Weight
39.7 inches33.8 inches3.5 inches1.2 inches35.4 inches3 pounds 15.4 ounces

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