Two Handed Swords

The most defining trait of two handed swords remains the requirement of both hands in order to wield the weapon. These large Renaissance swords remained in popular use throughout the 15th and 16th centuries, and they could reach up to six feet in length in the largest examples. Double handed swords were also sometimes called Zweihanders and great swords. In battle, functional two hand sword could be swung powerfully in order to crush the heavy armor of opponents. Following the disappearance of armor due to the growing use of firearms in the late 16th century, most two handed swords began to be used as ceremonial weapons. At Buying a Sword, we carry many excellent battle ready and decorative two handed swords in a range of styles. Our selection includes two handed Viking swords, two handed Danish swords, two handed Crusader swords, and two handed fantasy swords, among other designs. Whether you are looking for an impressive weapon to display or a powerful training sword, you will discover excellent options here.
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Warmonger Elite Series Sword

Item # DS-1616
Half of the power of a Viking charging into battle is in the fear they strike in the hearts of their enemies. The Warmonger Elite Series Sword creates a terrifying weapon with a fantasy spin, making it perfect for a true Viking.

Warriors Longsword

Item # ZS-BT-2703
This is THE weapon you want when facing a horde of enemies or just one fearsome foe. Our Warriors Longsword is handmade and crafted from a high carbon steel, making it a functional sword intended for use in a variety of situations.

White Hilt Chivalry Sword

Item # NP-L-878-WT
The concept of chivalry was a powerful influence in the medieval world. Add a medieval aesthetic to your decor with the White Hilt Chivalry Sword. Display it in your home or office. This sword also makes a great costume accessory.

William Wallace Steel Claymore

Item # ED2014
The earliest Scottish clansmen were strong and fearless. They wielded large swords with a simple yet powerful design. One was a man named William Wallace, who could have carried an early Scottish claymore sword like this in battle.

Witch-King Elite Series Sword

Item # DS-1609
The Witch-king does the earthly bidding of Sauron, commanding the terrifying Nazgul. He is made even more frightening when he draws his legendary blade. You can feel his power when you wield the Witch-King Elite Series Sword.

WMA Federschwert Reenactment Sword

Item # DS-1702
The WMA Federschwert Reenactment Sword is a replica of a training sword used in fencing schools throughout the Renaissance. Constructed to match the weight and balance of the actual swords, this piece provides a genuine experience.