Training Weapons

Here you will find all of our training weapons. This includes all types of weapons and training weapons made of both synthetic materials and wood. Our synthetic training weapons are typically made of sturdy polypropylene and duplicate the appearance, weight, and feel of various historical weapons, providing a great practice experience as you hone your skills. Wooden practice weapons are also a great choice, and we carry many in a variety of historical styles. Shop here for synthetic samurai swords, polypropylene knight swords, and synthetic gladius swords as well as wooden Excalibur swords, wooden tanto, bamboo kendo swords, and bokken. If you have a need for a training weapon or weapon without a metal blade, this is the place to shop!
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Brown Bokken Sword

Item # MC-1807-BW
Bokken have been used for years in martial arts. They are highly efficient for training, given the ease of which a bokken can be replaced. The Brown Bokken Sword is simple and sturdy, an instrument that is ideal for practice.

Brown Longsword Grip

Item # PR3015
This sword grip is compatible with any of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Longswords, or the individual longsword blades. Like a it should, this Brown Longsword Grip ensures that your sword has grip that fits comfortably in your hand.

Brown Single Hand And Basket Hilt Sword Grip

Item # PR3025
This sword grip is compatible with any of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Swords that utilize the Single Hand Blade. Like a it should, this Brown Single Hand and Basket Hilt Sword Grip ensures that your sword fits comfortably in your hand.

Classic Rubber Training Knife

Item # NP-GT16
Have you wished that you could practice your knife skills without the danger of a sharp blade? Use the Classic Rubber Training Knife during practice. It is perfect for solo practice, training drills, demonstrations, and more.

Escrima Stick by Cold Steel

Item # 07-91E
The Cold Steel Escrima Stick closely resembles a traditional Filipino rattan stick in length, weight, and cross section. It is much more durable, though, because it is injection molded from super tough black polypropylene.
$41.19 $32.95

Gladiator Training Sword

Item # ZS-926905
Practice swords have been used since ancient times. Gladiators trained with wooden swords, and when a gladiator retired he received a wooden sword or rod as a symbol of his freedom. This Gladiator Training Sword makes a great gift.

Gladius Training Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKGM
Virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff, and cut resistant, the Gladius Training sword is made of heavy grade polypropylene and closely duplicates the length, size, and weight of the real thing, making perfect for learning new skills.
$43.69 $34.95

Hand & A Half Training Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKHNH
Ideal for combat training, the Hand & A Half Training Sword is made of sturdy polypropylene of the heaviest grade available, making it virtually indestructible and safe while replicating the size, weight, and feel of a real blade.
$36.00 $33.00

Kendo Bamboo Shinai

Item # VW-SH7750
The essential sword training tool, the Kendo Bamboo Shinai features a durable but lightweight construction, crafted from 4 split bamboo pieces. This bamboo sword is perfect for those learning how to properly wield their weapons.

Koga Self Defense Tool by Cold Steel

Item # 07-91K
Made of virtually unbreakable plastic, the Koga Self Defense Tool can increase the ability of a person to defend himself several times over. With proper training, it is an aid in leverage when obtaining joint locks or submission holds.
$9.90 $7.92

Large Wooden Pirate Sword

Item # ZS-926774
The Large Wooden Pirate Sword features a curve machete style blade. This Large Pirate Sword is made of solid wood with an overall length of 30 inches. The Large Wooden Pirate Sword has a wooden pommel, guard, and hilt.
$13.00 $11.70

Long Black Longsword Pommel

Item # PR4041
The pommel is an important part of a sword, serving to counterbalance the weight of the blade. This Long Black Longsword Pommel does just that, balancing the weight of any of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Sword Blades quite nicely.