A tanto is a style of short sword that originated from feudal Japan, typically worn by the samurai. They were often used as companion blades worn alongside tachi or wakizashi. We offer many tanto swords here that range from historical to modern and even post-apocalyptic in their styling. We have decorative tanto swords that make beautiful display pieces and accents to home decor. Our functional tanto range in style from traditional Japanese, some even forged in the traditional style, to tactical and modern. Whatever your use for this sword or your taste in its aesthetics, we have an incredible selection of tanto here to choose from.
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Oni Katana

Item # SH6018KLG
The Oni are mythical creatures from Japanese folklore similar to western demons or trolls. In modern culture they are beginning to move away from this menacing connotation into the role of guardian or protector, similar to gargoyles.

Practical Plus Tanto

Item # SH2259
The Practical Plus Tanto (SH2259) matches our Practical Plus Katana (SH2073) and Wakizashi (SH2118). The blade is hand-forged high-carbon steel and differentially hardened using a traditional claying method with a medium (chu) kissaki.

Practical Pro Elite Katana

Item # SH6009KPG
The Practical Pro Elite Katana has an extended tsuka and a longer 29 inch Performance Series blade with a finer polish. The blade is forged in high-carbon steel and differentially hardened using the traditional claying method.

Practical Tanto Knife

Item # SH2254
Though the tanto has made its way into modern tactical knives, its origins began in the Heian period of feudal Japan. This Practical Tanto Knife is an eye catching short blade sword, ideal to be worn by an honorable samurai.

Raptor Tanto

Item # SH2423
No collection of oriental weapons is complete without the classic Japanese knife, the tanto. Created to match the katanas and wakizashi in our Raptor line, this Raptor Tanto makes a great cutting tool and display weapon by itself, too!

Red Dragon Damascus Tanto

Item # MC-RY-3046
Collectors of Japanese blades will find few examples of quality craftsmanship better than the Red Dragon Damascus Tanto. This functional tanto is crafted from high carbon Damascus steel with a fuller and real ray skin handle.

Ruby Marble Japanese Sword Set

Item # ZS-926671-RD
Samurai were typically known for carrying three different blades, katana, wakizashi, and tanto. The Ruby Marble Japanese Sword Set includes these three weapons with perfectly matched ruby red marble pattern handles and scabbards.

Tori Tanto

Item # SH6007KFT
Samurai carried tanto blades during feudal Japan. The Tori Tanto is built with a K120C powdered-steel forged and folded blade with the handle wrapped in the highest quality ray skin. This tanto makes a great addition to any collection.

Tori XL Katana

Item # SH6007XFF
The Tori XL Katana from Hanwei combines a truly elegant design and a powder-steel forged and folded blade with the functionality of our Performance Series. This katana makes a great addition to any collection.

Warrior Tanto

Item # 07-88BT
Based on the daggers often wielded by Japanese samurai, the Warrior Tanto is a handsome blade in its own right. Beautifully crafted from heat treated, high performance steel, this functional dagger features a curved cutting point.
$377.89 $302.31

White Carved Dragon Sword Set

Item # NP-K-0021-4-DG-WT
The dragon clans have honored you by granting you the White Carved Dragon Sword Set. You display it proudly to show your connection to the dragons. This dragon sword set makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.