Synthetic Training Weapons

The synthetic training weapons available at Buying a Sword duplicate the appearance, weight, and feel of a variety of historical weapons, ensuring that you will have a valuable practice experience as you hone your skills. Our synthetic medieval weapons include hand and a half swords, bastard swords, broadswords, hatchets, cleavers, and more. The synthetic oriental weapons range from various samurai bokken to wakizashi, ninjato, and shoto swords. We also offer synthetic gladiuses and a few other unique weapon designs. The majority of our synthetic weapons are crafted from a durable polypropylene that is virtually unbreakable and cut resistant. Alternately, we also carry a few latex training weapons like pirate cutlasses, Spartan swords, and Legend of Zelda Master swords that provide a safer alternative to practicing with metal blades. These synthetic weapons are perfect for martial artists and swordsmen who are interested in sparring or practice.
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Red Single Hand Sword Guard

Item # PR2024
This simple synthetic sword guard has been designed with safety, durability, and aesthetics in mind, using a 15th century guard as a reference. This Red Single Hand Guard is compatible with any of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Swords.

Red Single Hand Sword Pommel

Item # PR4024
The pommel is an important part of a sword, serving to counterbalance the weight of the blade. This Red Single Hand Sword Pommel does just that, balancing the weight of any of our Xtreme Synthetic Single Hand Sword Blades quite nicely.

Rondel Training Dagger

Item # 07-92RDNDL
$13.69 $10.95

Silver Longsword Blade

Item # PR1012
Designed for use with our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Longswords, this Silver Longsword Blade is an interchangeable blade that can be used with any of our Xtreme Sparring Longwords to create a custom sword that suits your preferences.

Silver Single Hand And Basket Hilt Sword Blade

Item # PR1022
This Silver Single Hand and Basket Hilt Sword Blade is a part of our Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Swords line. As an interchangeable blade, it can be mixed and matched with other parts to create a custom sword that suits your preferences.

Synthetic Bastard Sword

Item # MC-E504-PP
When educating yourself on swordplay and practicing its techniques, a good training sword is a must-have. If you seek to learn the versatile ways of the hand-and-a-half sword, than this Synthetic Bastard Sword is the one for you!

Synthetic Broad Sword

Item # MC-E503-PP
When educating yourself on swordplay and practicing its techniques, a good training sword is a must-have. If you are learning the ways of the medieval sword, then there is no training blade with than this Synthetic Broad Sword.

Synthetic Chinese Broadsword

Item # MC-1606PP
The dao, or Chinese broadsword, has been around for centuries, having survived as one of the select few swords favored by Chinese martial arts practitioners around the globe. They can practice with this Synthetic Chinese Broadsword.

Synthetic Ninja Sword

Item # MC-1801PP
There is debate as to what sword ninja would have wielded, although all agree that it is shorter than the katana. The debate is far from over, but while it rages, practitioners can train themselves with this Synthetic Ninja Sword.

Synthetic Samurai Sword

Item # MC-1802PP
A good training sword is a must-have for anyone who seeks to educate themselves on the ways of the Japanese sword. Instead of limiting yourself to a wood bokken, consider an alternate, this Synthetic Samurai Sword.

Synthetic Shoto Sword

Item # MC-1803PP
The Japanese samurai were well-known for their techniques, many of which included not only a katana, but also the wakizashi. This Synthetic Shoto Sword allows for a practitioner to train in such techniques with ease and safety.

Tai Chi Dragon Training Sword

Item # MC-E472-PP
Practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts will not need to fear injury when you practice with the Tai Chi Dragon Training Sword. This training sword is crafted from polypropylene.