Stage Combat Weapons

When choosing your stage combat weapon, you need a tool that balances appearance, durability, and safety. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry a number of excellent stage combat swords from top manufacturers like Stage Steel and Darksword Armoury that are perfect for theatrical fighting and training. These functional swords have blunted blades to increase safety while showing off realistic appearances in a number of styles like short swords, Renaissance rapiers, broadswords, pirate cutlasses, Roman gladiuses, Scottish claymores, and Japanese katana. Several of our designs are crafted with Western Martial Arts training in mind, as well. Our theatrical swords are well crafted to ensure that they will withstand the rigors of combat, making them ideal for sparring and re-enactments. Browse our selection of stage fighting swords to find the perfect piece for your next performance!
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Gutrum Stage Combat Viking Sword

Item # MY101139
When raiding and pillaging, you need to have a trusty weapon at your side. Wield this fearsome Gutrum Stage Combat Viking Sword on your next voyage. It is great for controlled reenactments, stage fights, and theatrical productions.

Hamall Stage Fighting Axe

Item # MY100297
The traditionally styled Hamall Stage Fighting Axe features a tough steel blade, beard, and handle made of sturdy hardwood. Versatile, this axe is sure to be a staple in the arsenal of any axe or stage fighting enthusiast.

Hans Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100616
Vanquish your foes with honor and strength as you wield the Hans Stage Combat Sword. Made of high-quality spring steel with a stylish wooden grip, this stage combat weapon is inspired by the swords typical of medieval knights.

Hengist Spear Head

Item # MY100299
With a narrow, pointed construction, the Hengist Spear Head is ideally used for spears intended to be thrown or to keep enemies at bay from a distance. Made of high-quality polished steel, this spear head is versatile and sturdy.

Johannes Stage Combat Bastard Sword

Item # MY101140
The barbarians are at the gates. You stand with your brethren to defend your kingdom. You wield the Johannes Stage Combat Bastard Sword against them. It is great for controlled reenactments, stage fights, and theatrical productions.

Large Cederic Spear Head

Item # MY100267
The Large Cederic Spear Head is long and slender, perfect for attacking from a distance with thrusts and throws, keeping enemies at bay. Featuring a safety tip, the end of this spearhead is blunted to prevent actual injury.

Ornulf Viking Axe

Item # MY100826
Vikings fought with a variety of weapons, including axes. No onstage Viking battle would be complete without a weapon like this Ornulf Viking Axe. It is great for controlled reenactments, theater productions, and similar activities.

Oswald Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100645
Armed with the Oswald Stage Combat Sword, you are fit to enter the fray, defend the kingdom, or face of against your greatest foe. Whatever the cause of your staged battle, this spring steel combat sword is ready for the challenge.

Rudger Double Headed Axe

Item # MY100783
The Rudger Double Headed Axe is a hardy weapon for any warrior to have on hand. Whether your character is a Viking, knight, or medieval huntsman, this steel historical axe is ideal for stage combat and light reenactment use.

Small Cederic Spear Head

Item # MY100268
The Small Cederic Spear Head is the more petite version of our Large Cederic Spear Head. Just as fierce in appearance, it features similar details on a smaller frame. With a blunted tip, this spearhead is for those who value safety.

Thorleif Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100669
For characters as fierce as ancient Viking warriors, the Thorleif Stage Combat Sword is the ideal weapon to wield. Add authentic ferocity and style to performances and historical costumes with this blunted spring steel blade.

Tjure Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100670
With the Tjure Stage Combat Sword in hand as you charge into battle, you feel no fear. Modeled after historic Viking swords, this realistic stage combat weapon has a blunted blade and rounded tip for safe performance and costume use.