Single Headed Axes

We carry a range of single headed axes here, including a variety of axes from different eras of history, different cultures, and for different uses. Whether you are seeking a Viking axe, a tomahawk, or a modern throwing axe, you will find it here. This category includes both decorative axes and functional axes, so you can find impressive display axes to hang in your home as well as functional axes that are ready to be used for reenactment or for rugged real world use. We carry a variety of bearded axes here as they would have appeared in different eras of history. We have Norse warrior axes as well as Frankish war axes, Danish axes, and other medieval European axe styles. You will also find modern day axes and tactical axes that are best suited for emergency situations, utility use, or preparing for a zombie apocalypse. If your weapon of choice is an axe, or you simply enjoy the features of one of our axes, why not browse through our entire selection of single headed axes?
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Bullseye Tomahawk Axe

Item # ZS-203258
The Bullseye Tomahawk Axe is perfect for practicing your throwing skills. This lightweight throwing axe has a hand forged, carbon steel head with a sleek black finish with silver edges. The axe head is attached to a wooden handle.

Campers Hatchet

Item # ZS-210921
The Campers Hatchet is sure to be the piece of gear that you have been needing during your outdoor adventures. This handy axe is great for traveling into unknown territories where you need to adapt your tools and gear for many tasks.

Concave Blade Medieval Axe

Item # NP-L-14
The Concave Blade Medieval Axe is sure to bring a distinctive look to any weaponry collection or polearm display with its unusual axe head design. Add this medieval polearm to your home decor or office space for a unique twist.

Condor Cloudburst Axe

Item # BK-CTK2803C16
A sturdy, dependable modern camping and bushcrafting axe with classic American features, the Condor Cloudburst Axe is larger than a hatchet, but smaller than typical American axes, making it a terrific size for many outdoor tasks.

Condor Sentinel Army Axe

Item # BK-CTK180936
When you are lost out in the wilderness, away from base camp with the cold of night creeping in, sometimes a knife or machete simply is not enough. Luckily, there are more versatile survival tools, such as the Condor Sentinel Army Axe.

Condor Sentinel Desert Axe

Item # BK-CTK181036
Even in the desert wasteland, situations can get sticky enough for something a little more multi-functional than a survival knife or machete. With the Condor Sentinel Desert Axe, you can be ready for whatever the hot sands throw your way.

Condor Spike Tomahawk

Item # BK-CTK391618
Perhaps the most familiar weapon associated with Native Americans is the tomahawk. The Condor Spiked Tomahawk replicates this historic hatchet, giving it a modern modification or two so as to bolster its function and style.

Condor Valhalla Battle Axe

Item # BK-CTK10042
You know that there is a seat for you in the glorious halls of Valhalla, but that does not mean you are in a hurry to get there. The Condor Valhalla Battle Axe is a trusty weapon that will ensure your survival no matter the battle.

Condor Valhalla Throwing Axe

Item # BK-CTK100214
The Vikings believed that if they showed courage in battle, they would be rewarded with an afterlife in Valhalla. You can emulate Viking ferocity and fight like your afterlife depends on it with the Condor Valhalla Throwing Axe.

Cord Wrapped Hand Hatchet

Item # MC-MT-600CA
Never underestimate something small, because it might just be a weapon like this Cord Wrapped Hand Hatchet that saves your life, especially when you consider that any weapon is better than no weapon when faced with a hungry zombie.

Damascus Camp Hatchet

Item # ZS-DM-1140
Have you ever given a hatchet as a gift? This Damascus Camp Hatchet is a handsome survival tool or collectible weapon. The beveled blade is equally well suited for throwing competitions or clearing vines and brush in your yard.

Damascus Steel Hatchet

Item # ZS-DM-1107
The ideal weapon for a variety of purposes, hatchets are also one of the most menacing weapons you could own. This Damascus Steel Hatchet adds an eye-catching design to this sinister blade for a weapon that is truly quite impressive.