Short Swords

Often used with a shield, historical shorts swords were the classic weapon of the medieval knight prior to the development of the longsword and bastard sword. These war swords were designed to shear through chainmail and armor rather than serving as cut and thrust weapons. During the 14th century, the short sword would frequently be used as a backup weapon, hanging from the knights belt rather than the saddle like a longsword. Medieval short swords often featured cruciform shapes and functioned as single-handed swords. At Buying a Sword, you can find an excellent selection of short sword replicas, including Roman short swords, Greek short swords, fantasy short swords, Celtic short swords, Cinquedea short swords, and other variations. These decorative short swords and functional short swords ensure that you will be able to find the proper collectible sword for your needs.
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Red Masonic Short Sword

Item # NP-K-4915-S-RD-G
No matter if you are a Freemason or simply enjoy the lore surrounding the mysterious group, consider adding the Red Masonic Short Sword to your home decor or office space. This short sword looks great in any sword collection as well.

Red Wrapped Fantasy Short Sword

Item # MC-FM-677
What necromancer, knight, or mage wields this wicked short sword in the fray of battle? The Red Wrapped Fantasy Short Sword possesses a unique design inspired by the imagination and creativity found in magical legends and tales.

Roman Parazonium Gladius

Item # AH-3278
Traditionally, the parazonium was a dagger, but in this variant, it is more like the traditional gladius. This Roman Parazonium Gladius echoes the later designs of the blade, featuring an ornate form that is symbolic of worth and virtue.

Russian Kindjal

Item # 400318
Modeled after the military issue blade that served Russian armed forces well into the mid-20th century, this Russian Kindjal is a blade that takes all the finer points of a saber and shrinks them down into a more manageable blade.

Serrated Tactical Assassin Sword

Item # NP-K1020-17-BK
The Serrated Tactical Assassin Sword has a unique yet tactical appearance. This full tang blade is coated black 440 stainless steel with eye-catching design. When you look at the blade you immediately notice the cutouts and serrations.

Short Fantasy Scimitar

Item # MC-FM-528
A scimitar is a powerful cutting weapon. The blade curve adds more draw to the weapons slash, making for a more powerful, longer cut. This principle has been applied to the Short Fantasy Scimitar, to make a knife worth using.

Silver Double Dragon Short Sword

Item # MC-HK-2322S
The only thing worse than facing one dragon is facing two. That principle is echoed in the design of this weapon, ensuring that whenever you take up the Silver Double Dragon Short Sword, you possess not just one dragon sword but two.

Silver Dragon Excalibur Short Sword

Item # NP-L-900-CH-S
King Arthur is one of the most famous figures in British mythology. Be sure to get a version of his sword like the Silver Dragon Excalibur Short Sword. This double-edged sword is sure to look great in your home or office space.

Single Handed Short Sword

Item # ED4404
The Single Handed Short Sword features a hammered, blackened iron pommel and guard welded to a hefty steel blade. The Single Handed Short Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.

Small CSA Cavalry Sword

Item # ZS-926816
Not all officers preferred to carry full-length swords, and not all situations allowed for them either. For those who had other preferences and needs, alternatives were available, including arms like this Small CSA Cavalry Sword.

Spartacus Sword

Item # AH-2003
This Spartacus Sword is a variant of the classic gladiator weapon, the dolch. This blade is stylized and more ornate, befitting the name of Spartacus, who was one of the most famous gladiators and rebels to ever challenge Romes authority.

Spartan Falcata

Item # AH-4213
The movie 300 made swords of this design famous. Echoing the look of the curved swords of the ancient world, this Spartan Falcata is depicted as cleaving with the power of an axe, yet possessing the speed and quickness of a short sword.