Shadow Cutlery

With their unique selection of functional and decorative weapons, Shadow Cutlery makes an excellent brand for martial arts practitioners and collectors alike to check out. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry an array of top notch Shadow Cutlery weapons like ninja swords and licensed Vikings weapons replicas from the popular History channel TV show. We offer Ragnar Lothbroks axe as well as several Viking swords used by characters from the series like Lagertha and Rollo. Our ninja weapons include high quality carbon steel swords and other designs inspired by feudal Japan. Whether you want to show off an excellent collectible weapon or train with a fine oriental blade, you can discover great options here to suit your needs.
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Limited Edition Vikings Sword of Kings

Item # VW-SH8005LE
The Limited Edition Vikings Sword of Kings is a top notch replica from the popular History channel TV show. This collectible sword is a relic held by the reigning Viking king during the time of protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok.

Ninja Octagon Black Sai Set

Item # VW-SH7601
The Ninja Octagon Black Sai Set includes two twin sai, as they are typically wielded as a pair, with one in each hand. Made of 1045 carbon steel, these functional weapons are all black, save the golden detail on the handle wrap.

Ninja Octagon Sai Set

Item # VW-SH7600
With one for each hand, the Ninja Octagon Sai Set is the ultimate pair of combat weapons for martial arts masters. Made of 1045 carbon steel, this set of functional sai features black faux leather wrapped handles.

Shadow Warrior Ninja Sword

Item # VW-SH7120
This sleek design makes the perfect solution for the everyday warrior interested in practicing stealthy moves. The Shadow Warrior Ninja Sword features a black blade to avoid being seen on missions of espionage and assassination.

Vikings Scabbard of Lagertha

Item # VW-SH8011
Modeled directly after the actual television prop, the Vikings Scabbard of Lagertha is a replica of the scabbard seen at the side of the cunning and fierce shield maiden and Earl of Hedeby from the hit television show Vikings.

Vikings Sword of Lagertha

Item # VW-SH8001
With strength and cunning, shield maiden Lagertha rises to power as Earl of Hedeby in the Vikings television show. The Vikings Sword of Lagertha is based on her weapon of choice, expertly crafted and antiqued for a battle worn look.

Weapons of Floki

Item # VW-SH8003
Floki is a genius ship builder who designs and builds the new style of Viking ships that Ragnar and his warriors sail across the open ocean and up shallow rivers. These Weapons of Floki are based on the television props from Vikings.