Scottish Daggers

Celtic daggers and Scottish daggers come in many distinctive styles, including the iconic sgian dubh and regimental dirk. Traditional sgian dubhs possess a short blade and make excellent additions to Highland dress. While originally worn as a concealed dagger, they were used for eating as well as defense. Historical dirks, by contrast, served as personal sidearms of Scottish Highland regiment officers with long blades for thrusting. Descending from the ballock dagger of the Middle Ages, Scottish dirks remain popular in modern times as ceremonial blades. At Buying a Sword, we carry a great selection of highland daggers that are perfect for collectors, re-enactors, and anyone who wants to honor their heritage. We offer a fine range of decorative daggers with ornate engraving and gems, as well as functional daggers crafted from Damascus and high carbon steel. Peruse our Celtic Daggers category to find the right historical blade for your needs.
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Green Gem Lion Sgian Dubh

Item # NP-H-112-LNGN
An homage to traditional Scottish imagery, the Green Gem Lion Sgian Dubh is based on the historical Highlander dirk. A silvery rampant lion, much like the one seen on the Royal Banner of Scotland, decorates the textured black handle.

Green Gem Scottish Fantasy Dirk

Item # NP-H-111-GN
Inspired by the historic sgian dubh, the Green Gem Scottish Fantasy Dirk transforms the traditional everyday weapon and tool into a beautiful collectible. This Scottish dagger features an elegant knotwork hilt and gemstone pommel.

Green Gem Thistle Sgian Dubh

Item # NP-H-112-LFGN
Whether you are intrigued by Scottish history or want to celebrate your own Celtic heritage, the Green Gem Thistle Sgian Dubh is a beautiful replica dagger full of historically inspired detail. A thistle emblem decorates its hilt.

Highland Dagger

Item # MC-HK-3457
Mimicking the design elements of its larger relatives, the Highland Dagger is a perfect small blade to accompany an ultimately larger and far more intimidating weapon.

Highland Sgian Dubh

Item # AH-3255
It is often the little touches that transform an attire into something great. For the classic Scottish Highland look, one of those little touches is a black dagger, like this Highland Sgian Dubh, tucked into your sock on one side.

Jeweled Scottish Sgian Dubh

Item # ZS-210743
Scottish daggers, such as the sgian dubh and the dirk, have had several uses over the ages and are often used today as ceremonial pieces. The Jeweled Scottish Sgian Dubh is a beautifully crafted version of a traditional Celtic dagger.

Knotted Celtic Dagger

Item # ZS-211110
Not all daggers were made for combat. Some were made for ceremonial purposes, and as such, were far more ornate than most. This Knotted Celtic Dagger embodies historical form and intricate artistry for an utterly appealing look.

Macleod Dagger

Item # ZS-211355
Designed in tribute of the famous Scottish Macleod Clan, the Macleod Dagger features a medieval styling and floral themed accents. The blade of this medieval dagger is crafted from stainless steel and has a polished finish.

Ornate Damascus Dirk

Item # ZS-DM-1114
The traditional weapon of officers and nobles in medieval Scotland was the dirk, a thrusting dagger with a distinct shape. This Ornate Damascus Dirk is an elegant weapon that would have only been wielded by someone with a high rank.

Primitive Scottish Dirk

Item # 402352
The Primitive Scottish Dirk is a forerunner of the more ornate Scottish dirks that came later. The well-tempered blade of this dagger is made of high carbon steel accompanied by steel parts and a gorgeous hardwood handle.

Red Gem Celtic Knotwork Sgian Dubh

Item # NP-H-110-RD
If you are looking for a small blade to add to your dagger collection or Celtic costume, then you should look at the Red Gem Celtic Knotwork Sgian Dubh. Collect and display this Scottish dagger, or gift it to a fan of Celtic elegance.

Red Gem Cross-Hatch Sgian Dubh

Item # NP-H-112-PRD
For your next formal Scottish occasion, do not go without the Red Gem Cross-Hatch Sgian Dubh! This stainless steel Scottish blade is fashioned after the traditional Highlander dagger, with a regal gemstone inset within its flat pommel.