Roman Swords

The primary weapon of legionnaires, Roman soldiers would use their gladius in close combat as a stabbing, cutting, and chopping weapon. The Roman gladius was two-edged and featured a tapered point. The knobbed hilt often included ridges for the fingers to enhance its solid grip. In warfare, the gladius would often be thrust at the abdominal region or slashed at kneecaps vulnerable below the enemy shields. At Buying a Sword, we carry many excellent examples of this historical weapon, including several Mainz gladius and Pompeii gladius replicas. Our selection features both functional gladius and decorative gladius versions, including ornamental gladii with gold detailing and battle ready Roman swords will full tang construction. Whether you are interested in re-enacting the life of Julius Caesar, training for your next battle, or showcasing a unique Roman blade, you can find many great options here at Buying a Sword.

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Sica Sword

Item # AH-4234
The gladiators of ancient Rome utilized a myriad of different tactical and deadly weapons during battle. One such weapon is the Sica Sword, with a sharply curved blade that gave these warriors an advantage over their enemies.

Silver Blade Tactical Gladius Sword

Item # NP-K-1915-CH
You have not forgot those who have fallen before you. You proudly carry with you the Silver Blade Tactical Gladius Sword, no matter what you face. Display this decorative, tactical-style sword in your home decor or office space.

Spartacus Sword

Item # AH-2003
This Spartacus Sword is a variant of the classic gladiator weapon, the dolch. This blade is stylized and more ornate, befitting the name of Spartacus, who was one of the most famous gladiators and rebels to ever challenge Romes authority.

Sword Of Julius Caesar

Item # 501453
Julius Caesar is probably the best-known ruler of Rome to this day. Take on his long-lasting legacy and power by getting the Sword of Julius Caesar. This fantastic sword will look great as a display piece or a costume accessory.