Roman Daggers

Two of the most common Roman dagger types are the pugio and the parazonium. Soldiers in the Roman armies were issued the long, thrusting dagger called a pugio, which was used for close combat, assassination, and suicide. Notably, when Julius Caesar was assassinated, the conspirators stabbed him with pugiones. Based on an Iberian blade, the parazonium dagger featured a long, triangular shape that was wide at the hilt and narrowed to a sharp point. The historical parazonium mainly served as a mark of rank, and the Roman deity Virtus is often depicted as carrying one. Here at Buying a Sword, we offer a range of Roman blades like gladiator daggers, legionnaire daggers, centurion daggers, and barbarian daggers. Our Roman pugiones include functional dagger and decorative dagger designs, ensuring that you can find the perfect option for your theatrical performance, weapons collection, and re-enactments.