Red Dragon Armoury

When you want to refine your skills as a swordsman, the Red Dragon Armoury brand at Buying a Sword makes the perfect place to start! Red Dragon Armoury produces excellent training weapons, many designed with WMA and HEMA practitioners in mind. These synthetic sparring swords come in a range of historical styles perfect for fighting re-enactments, the stage, and training sessions. In addition to pre-made practice swords, you will be able to find individual sword parts including pommels, blades, guards, and grips to help you make your own customized sparring weapon. These pieces can also be interchanged with parts of our standard nylon swords to personalize your practice weapon. These durable synthetic blades are crafted from high-impact polymers that can flex and absorb strikes, making them safer and less likely to break than wooden practice swords. Browse these excellent training swords to find the ideal one for your needs.
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Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Single Hand Sword White Blade

Item # PR9020
Having been designed by European martial arts practitioners for the purpose of sparring, this Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Single Hand Sword White Blade is designed to behave like a real sword with greater safety and reduced impact.