Developed in the 1500s from Spanish dress swords, the historical rapier gained popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries as a slender, sharply pointed thrusting sword used in unarmored combat. Ideal for self-defense, civilian rapiers became lighter and shorter over time, whereas military rapiers evolved into colichemarde swords and small swords. Due to a lack of distinguishing terminology during their period of historical use, Renaissance rapiers can encompass a wide range of styles often influenced by the countries in which they were used. At Buying a Sword, we offer an excellent variety of fencing swords and dueling swords, as well as many other kinds of rapiers. Our collection of functional rapiers and decorative rapiers display many unique handles with ring guards, cup hilts, swept hilts, and wire hilts. We include colichemarde rapiers, Musketeer rapiers, Italian rapiers, Spanish rapiers, and Renaissance small swords among our fine historical sword replicas, ensuring that you will have plenty of options when picking out your next Renaissance blade!
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Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier

Item # 07-88CHR
Beautifully polished and with a single, wide fuller at the forte, the Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier is a dueling weapon with perfect balance to its long, narrow blade. Its distinctive hilt is made of high quality stainless steel.
$906.19 $724.95

Saint John Gold and Black Crusader Small Sword

Item # NP-L-894-GD-BK
Inspired by the noble Templars of the medieval era, the Saint John Gold and Black Crusader Small Sword is a beautifully detailed decorative weapon. Made of 440 stainless steel, the narrow blade is followed by a black and golden tone hilt.

Saint John Gold and White Crusader Small Sword

Item # NP-L-894-GD-WT
Reminiscent of the blades held by holy medieval warriors, the Saint John Gold and White Crusader Small Sword is an inspired take on Templar weaponry. This decorative stainless steel blade features a beautiful golden hilt with a white grip.

Small Sword

Item # 07-88SMS
The advantage of the sword point over the edge became increasingly evident by the end of the 16th century. The Small Sword is a rapier, with its thin profile and emphasized point, based on the popular choice in civilian self-defense.
$659.94 $527.95

Spanish Basket Rapier

Item # AH-3342
During the 17th century, swordsmanship, particularly with the rapier, was considered to be a part of a gentlemans education. This Spanish Basket Rapier is an elegant form of the sword, designed for appeal and for cut-and-thrust tactics.

Spanish Cup Hilted Sword

Item # ME-0136
Gorgeously designed in the appearance of a 17th century Spanish side sword, the Spanish Cup Hilted Sword displays a spectacular Renaissance era styling that is excellent for expressing your love of this historical period.

Spanish Fluted Cup Rapier

Item # AH-3213
Rapiers came in all sorts of different hilt styles, many of them divided up by the regions they were favored in. This Spanish Fluted Cup Rapier leaves little question as to where its design originated, or where it was most popular.

Spanish Rapier of El Cid

Item # ZS-901121
As a legendary Castilian hero, the subject of an epic medieval poem, and an exiled nobleman, El Cid remains an idolized figure in Spain to this day. This Spanish Rapier of El Cid has been created to honor the great military leader.

Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier by Marto

Item # MA-577S
The Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier, by Marto, is a full-sized reproduction replica of the very well-known sword from the 16th century, valued and used through-out all of Europe during the advent of the rapier and the thrusting sword.

Swept Black Hilt Rapier

Item # NP-K-5919
For those wanting a unique touch to add to their home decor, a sword may be the perfect addition. Be sure to look at the Swept Black Hilt Rapier. Add this sword to any collection or decor. It also looks great on display in an office.

Swept Hilt Flamberg Rapier

Item # AH-3322
Rapiers, like other swords in era, were subject to unique twists too. This Swept Hilt Flamberg Rapier, for instance, combines the classic hilt of the dueling sword with a thinner wave-blade borrowed from the zweihander.

Templar Knights Smallsword

Item # ZS-926836
A smallsword is a style of sword with a thin, narrow blade, made for fencing and defense as well as offense. In the case of this Templar Knights Smallsword, it is also made with a decorative look that will wow all who see it, too!