Oriental Swords

If you are searching for a unique sword inspired by historical Japanese or Chinese weaponry, shop our oriental sword category. Here you will find bladed weapons that do not fit cleanly into our more specific sword categories. Instead, this section is home to our ninja swords, ninjato, and Chinese dadao, as well as modern or stylized renditions of these weapons. We offer tactical ninja swords and ninja sword sets for the modern ninja enthusiast, as well as Chinese hook swords and dao in historical and modern styles. This section includes both decorative swords and functional swords, so you can find an oriental sword for display or an oriental blade to take to battle here.
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Urban Ninja Black Sword

Item # MC-HK-1066
For the neighborhood vigilante cosplay, the Urban Ninja Black Sword is a superb choice. This sleek sword will put you a cut above the rest, delivering a deathblow to your foes as they succumb to envy of your collection.