Oriental Swords

If you are searching for a unique sword inspired by historical Japanese or Chinese weaponry, shop our oriental sword category. Here you will find bladed weapons that do not fit cleanly into our more specific sword categories. Instead, this section is home to our ninja swords, ninjato, and Chinese dadao, as well as modern or stylized renditions of these weapons. We offer tactical ninja swords and ninja sword sets for the modern ninja enthusiast, as well as Chinese hook swords and dao in historical and modern styles. This section includes both decorative swords and functional swords, so you can find an oriental sword for display or an oriental blade to take to battle here.
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Long Dragon Odachi

Item # MC-SW-264
The size of a weapon often adds to its impressive appearance. The Long Dragon Odachi is no exception to this rule with its over five-foot length. It adds a touch of ferocity to any decor. Display it on a wall in your home or office.

Matching Black Ninja Swords

Item # MC-HK-1067
It is always wise to have a backup plan in any situation, and, with the Matching Black Ninja Swords, you get just that. Dual wielding is also possible, if you are into that.

Ninjato with Blow-Gun Sheath

Item # MC-R-001
The legend of the ninja is that of a master assassin, who strikes without being seen and leaves no trace of his passing, save for a body. This Ninjato with Blow-Gun Sheath lends some credence as to how a ninja might have done just that.

Practical Shinobi Ninjato

Item # SH1071
Those in the process of learning the Way of the Ninja need a useful and effective tool for their studies, and there is no better tool for this job than the Practical Shinobi Ninjato. This is a sword no Ninja should be without.

Qing Dynasty Dragon Dao

Item # MC-SW-258
One of Chinas four major weapons, the Dao is a sword no practitioner of martial arts should be unfamiliar with. The Qing Dynasty Dragon Dao features a hand-forged Damascus carbon steel blade.

Red Dao Broadsword

Item # NP-K-5900-RD
The Dao, a sword worthy of those who serve under the Chinese Emperor, vowing to use their blade to protect the lands when the time came. The time has come to bring honor to these ancient warriors by displaying the Red Dao Broadsword!

Saracen Scimitar

Item # SH2354
The deeply curved blade of the Saracen Scimitar recalls battles between the Saracen and Crusader. This sword originated in Southwest Asia and became widespread by the time of the Ottoman period.

Serrated Night Ninja Sword

Item # MC-HK-6634
Stealth and style join forces to create this Serrated Night Ninja Sword. The black blade will slice through any competition to become the pinnacle of your collection. This elegant showpiece will complete your assassin cosplay outfit.

Silver Chinese Hook Swords

Item # NP-H-616-CH
Appearing in Mortal Kombat, The Golden Child, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, hook swords are traditionally associated with Chinese martial arts. These Silver Chinese Hook Swords are a distinctive addition to any collection.

Silver Urban Ninja Sword

Item # MC-HK-1066S
Prowling the city streets at night, the vigilante searches for justice. Wielding her Silver Urban Ninja Sword, she dispatches her foes, then cleans the tactical blade before returning it to its sheath and continuing on her quest.

Single Edge Ninja Sword and Stealth Knives

Item # MC-FM-644T
Keep the tradition of the Shinobi alive with the Single Edge Ninja Sword Set. This ninja sword offers a list twist, offering a traditional blade with modern styling that is perfect for todays shadow warrior.

Timeless Warrior Dadao

Item # MC-SW-1288
The Chinese warrior moves with deadly grace and brutal strength. Time, place, and cause do not matter. All eyes focus on the ageless warrior. The Timeless Warrior Dadao is a replica sword that honors this inspiring image.