Oriental Swords

If you are searching for a unique sword inspired by historical Japanese or Chinese weaponry, shop our oriental sword category. Here you will find bladed weapons that do not fit cleanly into our more specific sword categories. Instead, this section is home to our ninja swords, ninjato, and Chinese dadao, as well as modern or stylized renditions of these weapons. We offer tactical ninja swords and ninja sword sets for the modern ninja enthusiast, as well as Chinese hook swords and dao in historical and modern styles. This section includes both decorative swords and functional swords, so you can find an oriental sword for display or an oriental blade to take to battle here.
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Damascus Dark Angel Ninja Sword

Item # VW-SH7011
The traditional ninja figure has its roots in feudal Japan, waging war far differently than the samurai. The Damascus Dark Angel Ninja Sword makes the perfect ninja blade for missions of espionage, sabotage, and assassination.

Dark Angel Ninja Sword

Item # VW-SH7010
The traditional ninja figure has its roots in feudal Japan, waging war far differently than the samurai. The Dark Angel Ninja Sword makes the perfect ninja blade for missions involving espionage, sabotage, and assassination.

Deadly Duo Ninja Swords

Item # MC-HK-1249
Beset by brigands, the wanderer drew her sword. Partway through the bout, she changed her grip and drew her hands apart, each now holding an identical black blade. Wielding the Deadly Duo Ninja Swords two-handed, she defeated her foes.

Double Edge Ninja Sword and Stealth Knives

Item # MC-FM-644D
The perfect complement to a growing ninja armory, the Double Edge Ninja Sword Set it is great for fledgling ninjas in need of a great blade. It echoes the look of a shinobi sword, favored by shadow warriors from the East.

Dragon Etched Ninjato

Item # MC-MAZ-017B
This gorgeous ninja sword makes a fantastic addition to your oriental sword collection with its intricate ornamentation. The Dragon Etched Ninjato features a high carbon steel blade engraved with dragon and spear designs.

Dragon Head Miao Dao

Item # SD11190
The Miao Dao, or sprout saber, arose in the 20th century, its name referencing the resemblance between the blade shape and a newly sprouted plant. The Dragon Head Miao Dao is a modern adaptation of this Chinese sword.

Feline Grace Oriental Sword

Item # MC-SW-403
As the sun reaches its zenith, the triumphant cavalry return to the gated city. Dismounting within, their leader bows, presenting the Feline Grace Oriental Sword to her commander. The crowd cheers - their enemy has been defeated.

Giant O Dachi Sword

Item # ED4450
The Giant O Dachi Sword features a smoother darkened tsuba and end cap and feature the same great leather and wire wrapped handles. The Giant O'dachi sword comes complete with sheath. This is a hand crafted, battle ready sword.

Gim Sword

Item # 07-88G
Developed after years of studying the straight bladed swords of China, Cold Steel has created the battle-worthy Gim Sword for collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts, ideal for cutting, slashing, and even stabbing action.
$539.94 $431.95

Grave Robber Sword

Item # MC-SW-466
Two hooded figures emerge from a crypt, heavily laden with pilfered treasures. The moonlight filters through the trees, exposing the nefarious pair. As an alarm sounds, the pair brandish their Grave Robber Swords to cut their way free.

Hand Forged Ninja Sword

Item # MC-TR-028
In between missions, ninjas need great display swords with which they can decorate their homes. The Hand Forged Ninja Sword is a sword to be bragged about, with its sleek design and quality that only comes from making it by hand.

Jade Lion Gim by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88RLG
The concept of the guardian lion emerged in China over 1800 years ago during the Han Dynasty. The Jade Lion Gim draws upon that same protective reputation, combining intricate ceremonial styling with battle-ready performance.
$1,099.94 $879.95